Bhav Bhela

Founder | Product, DevOps, SRE, Data, and Infra

I'm a startup fanatic obsessed with building delightful user experiences, frictionless developer experiences, and high-performing development teams. I've:

- built products from 0 to 1

- from 1 to scale

- architected highly distributed and heavily trafficked systems

- created lasting processes and teams to support all of the above

My mission is to help everyone build faster and better - so people can put their time, money, and energy toward what really matters. Open to Fractional Engineering work and startup advising.

Bhav Bhela



  • 10clear


    Founder, CTO

    Sep 2023 - Present

    10clear is an AI-enabled review platform that evaluates financial statements for compliance and data accuracy. The platform serves B2B and B2B2B customers.

    • Built prototype in 1 week, leading to 5 companies expressing interest in the solution.
    • Built alpha product consisting of functional frontend, backend and data systems in 1 month, leading to ~10 companies registering for beta.
  • Above Software

    Above Software


    May 2023 - Present

    Above Software is an consulting and contracting company focused on building human-centric, bespoke SAAS apps.

    • Built a web app that saved legal analysts 100’s of hours in the creation of legal reports.
    • Setup AWS from 0 to 1, architecting network topology, federated auth, compute and storage strategy.
  • Compass


    Software Engineering Manager

    Dec 2021 - Sep 2022

    Compass is a real estate brokerage with a focus on agent-facing productivity SAAS.

    • Managed the Cloud Infrastructure and Cost Management teams responsible for business critical cloud infrastructure and its corresponding vendor cost. These ownership domains powered nearly all 1000+ microservices comprising the platform, serving ~1M consumers, ~25k agents, and 1000+ engineers.
    • Worked cross-functionally with the FP&A department, to manage 3rd Party vendor spend such as AWS (Cloud), Datadog (Telemetry) saving over 40% (10's of millions / year).
    • Managed 2 distributed teams (8 people) across 4 time zones, holding regular 1:1s focused on performance management, career growth, and actionable feedback.
    • Conducted 100’s of interviews and debrief loops, leading to the hire of several high performing employees.
    • Collaborated with other leaders to deliver on cross-team projects design and architecture such as support portal, multi-domain host-based routing support, secure secrets, cluster upgrades, cluster rebuilds, spot instances, and incident management.
    • Acted as incident commander or primary resolver for 10’s of high-profile business-critical SEV-1 incidents.
    • Built the teams’ roadmaps and vision, aligning the team’s, partner team’s, the organization’s, and the company’s interests.
    • Grew engineers to higher roles and responsibilities by delegating project ideation, proposal, and delivery to team members, resulting in 656% increase in completion of ticketed work and a turnaround in the team’s reputation.
  • Compass


    Technical Lead

    Aug 2016 - Dec 2021

    Compass is a real estate brokerage with a focus on agent-facing productivity SAAS.

    • Capacity planned for IPO, supporting an 8x traffic spike on 10+ Kuberenetes clusters, 120+ EC2 instances, and 6000+ pods.
    • Delivered on Flask and Mongo zero downtime migration reducing SEV-1 + SEV-2 incident rates by 89%.
    • Containerized and re-architected 10's of partner team's grpc microservices from EC2 to Kubernetes, reducing p95 latency by 95% across 25-44% of all backend traffic at Compass and a reduction in deployment time of 67-80%.
    • Developed ETL and dashboard framework from MVP to a stable product, processing nearly billions of records daily.
    • Wrote the 1st postmortem at Compass which became the standard and evangelized the postmortem process across engineering.
    • Defined our kubernetes cluster architecture and topology leading to a 94% reduction in YoY cluster-related SEV-2+ incidents.
    • Created an interview question framework used by 100+ engineers at Compass to calibrate their interview questions.
    • Built out several of our core microservices including transit, user, and email sending services, handing 10's req/s.
    • Owned and maintained our python language, grpc, and containerization monorepo tooling used by 1000's applications.
    • Collected, monitored and visualized scores of telemetry data across all applications and clusters using prometheus, datadog.
  • iRobot


    Software Engineer

    Dec 2013 - Jun 2014

    iRobot is a global consumer robot company that designs and builds thoughtful robots and intelligent home innovations that make life better.

    • Architected and implemented the collection, visualization, and monitoring of realtime health telemetry data of our Ava robotics fleet.
    • Added an easter egg that allowed Ava robots do 180's using gestures in our iphone app.

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