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Entrepreneur, Coach, Advisor, Writer

Danya Shults is an entrepreneur, writer, and coach who has spent 15 years building and nurturing communities and companies, designing meaningful and memorable experiences, creating entertaining and educational content, and assembling and developing high-performing teams.

Danya is a constant learner and optimist who welcomes juicy challenges, a connector of people and dots, a catalyst, and a storyteller. She is warm and full of chutzpah and believes we are all more alike than we are different. Dan…

Danya Shults
Hi, I am Danya Schults. I was born in New Haven, Connecticut. I never thought I would leave the tri-state, and wanted to live in New York forever, but went out to the Midwest to get educated and ended up in Southern California with palm trees and beaches. I am an entrepreneur. I love building things from scratch. I'm a writer. I'm a parent. I am increasingly trying to be a good citizen, and a spouse and I also am in the process of becoming a coach. What do I bring as a fractional operator? What does it mean to me? It's about a what and a how you know, I bring skills, I bring experience, and I also bring my own way of being and doing, and it's all part of one big package. On the skills and experience side of things, I've got 15 years building and nurturing communities and companies from scratch, from the middle, from the end. Designing meaningful and memorable experiences online, and believe it or not, in person - irl, content, both entertaining and fun and also educational and building and developing high performing teams. I've worked at all different kinds of places, nonprofits, tech startups, from two people to 200. I've worked in venture capital. I founded my own company in the digital media space, and I've consulted with and advised companies. So that's kind of the what and the how for me is about being a constant learner. I am ever curious. I am an optimist. I'm always connecting people and dots and teams and ideas. I'm a starter and a catalyst, so I'll get you going. A storyteller, that comes with writing, but also being a good communicator. I'm confident, but I'm also warm and empathetic and a good listener, and I love to make stuff.


  • Patreon


    Head of Community and Education

    Oct 2020 - Jan 2020

    Providing spaces, experiences, and content that help creators connect, collaborate, and grow.

  • Spark Capital

    Spark Capital

    Director of Marketing & Community

    Jan 2013 - Dec 2016

    I built Spark Capital's in-house marketing and community functions from scratch.

  • Skillshare


    Head of People and Culture

    Apr 2011 - Apr 2013

    I led our recruiting, hiring, onboarding, and ongoing learning & development opportunities.

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