• Vijay Rajendran profile image
    Vijay Rajendran
    1. Fundraising
    2. Venture Capital
    3. Founder Coach
    4. GTM Strategy
    5. Product Strategy
    Executive Coach to CEOs, Fundraising Expert, and Fractional Strategy Leader
  • Elliot Epstein profile image
    Elliot Epstein
    1. Fractional Chief People Officer
    2. Fractional People Operations Leader
    3. Change Management
    4. Organizational Design
    5. Internal Communications
    Fractional People Leader with Expertise in Healthcare and Education
  • Menaka Chang profile image
    Menaka Chang
    1. Advisor
    2. Head of People
    3. Fractional Head of People
    4. Fractional Executive Leadership Coach
    5. Fractional People Operations Leader
    Dynamic Fractional People Leader: Your Ally in Cultivating Resilient Teams and Meeting Business Objectives in Any Scenario