Elliot Darvick

  1. Operations
  2. Fractional COO

Team-centric operations leader with substantial experience in marketplace, scaling organizations, and navigating dynamic environments.

I am driven by a growth mindset and a deep belief in the power of unlocking human potential to drive business results, individual advancement, and ultimately, societal impact. I’ve gained entrepreneurial experience firsthand with my own bootstrapped startup (Unbucket), I’ve experienced the hyper-growth path to IPO as senior director (Lyft), and I’ve gone through the M&A challenge of divesting, restructuring, and selling a business (Workrise). I’ve also had a lot of meaningful experiences outside of operations in the realm of brand strategy and marketing, which has given me a well-rounded perspective on bringing a business to life.

Elliot Darvick
I always start with values. I’m a Midwesterner. Determination, hard work, kindness and integrity. That's me. And why is it important in the context of being a fractional operator? Because my values are present whether we're talking about a three month engagement or a 30 year relationship; it doesn't matter, there's nothing temporary about my values. I'm also a servant leader. I deeply believe in the idea that if you grow your team, you grow your business. That approach is the sustainable way to grow a business, and I think that mentality is the epitome of being a servant leader. I also like to help people grow. I think about what I can do to serve this individual or this team in front of me, and I bring that no matter what the circumstance. I'm a generalist. I've done everything from build major marketing campaigns to leading 100+ person operations. I've done M&A work and growth operations, and everything in between. I think to be a generalist is to be inquisitive. I love learning, and in the context of being a fractional operator, it allows me to get up to speed quickly. To be a generalist is also to have good pattern recognition; I know what questions to ask and I really thrive in a dynamic environment. Finally, I'm a builder. I've had entrepreneurial endeavors of my own and I know what it takes to bring something from nothing to something. I have a great and immense respect for what that takes, and I bring that reverence and that excitement for building to everything I do.


  • Workrise


    Head of Regional Marketplace

    Jan 2022 - Dec 2022

    Leader to skilled labor marketplace division with responsibility for P&L, product strategy, and operations team of 150+. Restructured and led division turnaround, sold to one of the world's largest staffing firms.

  • Lyft


    Regional Director, Midwest Operations

    Jun 2016 - Dec 2021

    Early local GM responsible for scaling Michigan and Ohio markets; eventually oversaw all in-person operations across the Midwest (including support, rentals, and airports).

  • Spark44


    Director, Social Strategy

    Mar 2013 - Apr 2016

    In-house agency for Jaguar and Land Rover. Directed the creation and execution of social strategy for both brands in North America. Managed team responsible for customer interactions across all social channels.

  • Unbucket



    Nov 2010 - Dec 2013

    Co-founded and bootstrapped a social list making platform from idea to prototype to product used by thousands. Led and executed all aspects of product design, user experience, branding, and partnership development.

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