Fedja Bosnic

Founder | Leader | CTO

I'm a seasoned engineering veteran, turned leadership, turned founder.

In a nutshell:

- Founder of an AI startup

- 10+ years of engineering leadership

- 20+ years of engineering and architecture

My mission is to take the burden of technical complexity away from founders and their creative teams, so that they can focus on building their product.

Open to fractional CTO, engineering leadership and advisory roles.

Fedja Bosnic



  • Machined


    Founder and CTO

    Feb 2023 - Present

    Machined AI helps businesses and agencies boost their organic traffic with SEO-optimized content - I am the Founder and CTO

    • Bootstrapped to $100k ARR in <3 months
    • Reduced churn by 60% over the course of 6 months, in an industry where high churn is defacto
    • Designed a scalable low-code architecture that supports 1,000s of users running 1,000,000s of isolated AI workloads every month
    • Designed a resilient AI subsystem capable of automatically managing API failures allowing stateless stop-and-continue
    • Designed a groundbreaking feature that brings realtime context into AI generated content, along with citations to the sources used
  • Intercom


    Senior Software Engineering Manager

    Sep 2021 - Jun 2022

    Intercom is the complete customer service platform for business messaging and help desk - I was responsible for the newly formed flagship Web Messenger Team.

    • Delivered a cornerstone project in collaboration with 3 other groups and 5 teams across the org
    • Took ownership of a long-standing org-wide security initiative, built a working group to tackle it and delivered the first milestone
    • Coached high-profile senior/staff engineers through promotion with year-round mentorship and support, collaboration on their promo docs and advocating for them across the engineering group
    • Mentored a (historically) low-performing engineer through his long-outstanding promotion by providing regular one-on-one sessions and creating the space for him to exhibit his seniority
    • Advised group leads on reorg decisions and their impact on people and engineering
  • EF Education First

    EF Education First

    Software Engineering Manager

    Jan 2019 - Sep 2021

    EF Education First is the world's largest private education company - I was accountable for the English Live engineering group.

    • Launched our next generation online language learning platform 🚀🚀🚀
    • Constructed a new engineering strategy and roadmap merging our B2B and B2C platforms
    • Reduced platform cost by 50% by migrating to AWS EKS and utilising spot worker instances
    • Introduced 10% time allocation for R&D, cross-team working groups, lunch-and-learns and demo days
    • Championed SRE practices and devops culture; introduced objectives and error budgets, 24/7 support and blameless post-mo
    • Championed full-stack observability including logging, metrics and distributed tracing complemented by cross-platform product analytics
    • Introduced git commit and pull request analytics enabling managers to provide better coaching for engineers
    • Drove PaaS and SaaS adoption across the organisation
  • Sequoia Capital LLP

    Sequoia Capital LLP

    Head of Software Development

    Jun 2008 - Jan 2019

    Sequoia Capital is a London based group of companies that specialise in low-latency systematic trading - I was accountable for engineering strategy and delivery across the group.

    • Built a top-tier engineering function by hiring "10x" software and devops engineers
    • Reduced execution costs by $350k per year by deciding to build rather than buy, replacing the legacy third-party trading platform with an in-house custom built system
    • Decreased our trade execution time by over 800% through building a custom FIX engine, highly optimized for ultra-low latency trading (open sourced)
    • Reduced backtesting time from hours to minutes by designing and building a specialized big data storage system for our market data, 10 years of 250 million datapoints per day with a median query time of 5ms
    • Introduced realtime PnL monitoring that enabled traders and quants to visualize the impact of trades in real time, and even before they were actually executed - previously this process was 24 hours delayed
    • Saved the quant team 30 hours per week by advocating for and building a trading platform shim that allowed them to write production-ready execution algos directly in python, their language of choice

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