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Crafting excellence: Driving business growth through design

Hi there! I'm Islam. With 18 years in the design industry, I've led teams at Fortune 100 companies, transforming ideas into impactful experiences. My user-centered approach has streamlined design processes, improved user productivity, and delivered solutions that resonate with users and drive business growth. I thrive in fostering collaborative spaces where innovation and technical prowess meet to create groundbreaking digital products. Let's transform your vision into a digital masterpiece.

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Islam Abudaoud


  • Inspections with mobility and AI

    From routine service calls to remote inspections, technicians succeed or fail based on their knowledge. Yet as assets become smarter and more connected, the information needed to maintain and manage them grows. How can fields technicians keep up? With AI and a mobile platform.

    IBM Maximo® mobile solutions deliver remote and AI-based expert assistance, real-time asset history and operational data from wearables, safety sensors and diagnostic interfaces to the digital twin. Explore the mobile EAM solutions below and discover how intelligent mobile EAM can keep technicians connected and your organization productive.
  • Maintenance Management Software

    Keeping assets at peak performance is a complex, never-ending process. A computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) can help by automating work orders and workflows, scheduling labor and managing materials. But as assets become smarter and more connected, maintenance management software should do more than simply react to events. It should also take predictive and preventative actions.

    With its powerful combination of automation, IoT data, analytics and AI, the Maximo Application Suite can extend asset lifecycles, control costs, and help you allocate resources more efficiently. In this short demo, you can see how a maintenance manager in the railway industry uses preset dashboards to easily plot out his team’s activities.
  • IBM Maximo Application Suite

    In the world of IBM Maximo Application Suite, users with cross-application roles or workflows faced a critical challenge: obtaining a comprehensive view of their data across segregated applications. To tackle this issue, a diverse team of user researchers, product managers, product designers, and engineers joined forces. Their mission was to validate assumptions, conduct user research, and create a unified approach that would provide users with a 360-degree view of asset operation, processes, and lifecycle.

    The team’s journey began with a series of research phases, each one unraveling new insights and illuminating their path to success.


  • Ibm


    Senior Product Design Leader

    Sep 2021 - Oct 2023

    IBM Maximo® Application Suite is a set of applications for asset monitoring, management, predictive maintenance, and reliability planning. It streamlines operations, reduces costs, and offers predictive insights for proactive management, catering to various industries with scalable solutions.

    • Strategic Leadership: Drove asset management initiatives, yielding an annual benefit of $14.6M per organization and preventing $8.6M in costs.
    • Team and Revenue Growth: Guided a 12-person design team, enhancing UX for seven AI products, contributing significantly to a $500M revenue.
    • Productivity Enhancement: Boosted end-user productivity by 28% through innovative design thinking workshops and actionable product roadmaps.
    • Customer Engagement & Efficiency: Enhanced customer satisfaction by 10%, reducing maintenance issues through UX agility and design thinking.
    • Process Optimization: Streamlined design processes, cutting turnaround time by 40% and improving production cycles and support resolution.
    • Culture and Efficiency Improvement: Fostered a design-centric culture, integrating Agile methods, improving team efficiency by 40%, and reducing time-to-market by 25%.
  • Publicis Sapient

    Publicis Sapient

    Senior Product Design Manager

    Jun 2018 - Sep 2021

    Publicis Sapient is a digital transformation partner helping established organizations get to their future, digitally-enabled state, both in the way they work and the way they serve their customers.

    • Efficiency Innovation: Slashed user task time from 3 days to 2.5 hours by integrating emerging tech for rapid financial health assessments.
    • Design System Implementation: Introduced 3 design systems, significantly enhancing efficiency and client speed-to-market.
    • Agile Team Leadership: Led a 5-member product design team using Agile and Lean UX, crafting minimum lovable products, driving a $10M deal, and fostering skill growth.
    • Strategic Financial Management: Aligned budgeting and planning with company goals, boosting operational efficiency by 20% and hastening design time-to-market by 15%.
    • Customer Experience Excellence: Secured 1st place in Customer Experience Award (June 2019) for pioneering innovative solutions.
  • DV8 Digital Marketing

    DV8 Digital Marketing

    Director of Experience Design and Co-founder

    May 2011 - Feb 2016

    DV8 Digital Marketing is a new-age digital media marketing agency that provides comprehensive digital marketing solutions. DV8 specializes in designing and developing digital marketing strategies that encompass the personalized needs of a brand.

    • Established and led a digital marketing and creative company, expanding sales strategies and coordinating the design processes of user-centered products.
    • Harmonized industry trends and internal research insights to architect a UX strategy, culminating in a 30% surge in user engagement and a 15% uptick in customer retention rates.
    • Collaborating with product and engineering leads to pinpoint, outline, and steer the deployment of software applications, harnessing the strengths of agile frameworks, user-centered design principles, and lean product management techniques.
    • Conceptualizing and crafting innovative service offerings, meticulously tailored to address and fulfill client requirements.
    • Diligently monitoring and presenting weekly revenue metrics and burn-down figures for delivery commitments, ensuring transparency and project alignment.

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