Jia Yung Lee

I build and execute content for Web3 companies to grow organic traffic

I work with Web3 companies (typically Series A-C) that are looking to build content marketing as their main user acquisition channel. 

I do this for you by focusing on two things: 

1) Creating content your users care about 

2) Distributing the content to your target audience

Previous results for companies I’ve worked with:

  • Increased organic traffic by 354% within 6 months (286 - 1,300 Monthly traffic)
  • Brought in 6 Inbound leads using content ($100,000 ARR on average)
  • Tripled the social m…
Jia Yung Lee



  • imToken


    Product Marketing Lead

    Jul 2021 - Present

    imToken is a decentralized wallet with 15 Million users

    • *The biggest marketing campaign (learn & earn) attracted 595,000 participants by setting the right campaign incentives and promoting through 5 other partners
    • *Increased campaign-activated users by 686% through product refinement and improved campaign mechanics
    • *Optimized average in-app open rate from 5% to 10% by testing messaging
  • Portcast Pte Ltd

    Portcast Pte Ltd

    Growth Marketing Manager

    Jan 2020 - Jun 2021

    Portcast makes global supply chains more predictive and dynamic. Our technology enables logistics companies to improve profitability through dynamic demand forecasting and real-time vessel and container tracking. Improve the profitability of your logistics business with Portcast today.

    • * Worked as the first marketing personnel hired to directly collaborate with the CEO and formed the sales and marketing playbook from scratch.
    • * Negotiated and closed deals worth $300K per annum in recurring revenue obtained only from LinkedIn cold outreach.
    • * Converted 60% of marketing leads into fully sales-qualified leads and achieved 6 sales-qualified inbound leads as a result of strategic marketing techniques.

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