Jozef Matas

Product designer focusing on early stage and scale-ups

As a digital product designer, I enjoy working on innovative technologies, developing my own projects, and assisting other teams or individuals in creating top-notch, design-focused experiences.

I am driven and have a proven track record. Since 2013, I have been involved in several personal projects and have had the opportunity to collaborate with many skilled individuals.

Jozef Matas


  • Working with Jozef was a true pleasure. He's incredibly collaborative, readily incorporating my feedback and suggestions while offering his own valuable insights. Jozef is dedicated to user-centered design. He wasn't just after a flashy UI; he meticulously analyzed user needs and behaviors to craft an experience that feels incredibly intuitive and effortless. It's clear he has a deep understanding of what makes users tick. Overall, Jozef has been a phenomenal asset to our project.

    Ofer Bengal

    Ofer Bengal

    Founder & Chairman, Redis
  • Jozef is a standout designer, consistently delivering top-notch work without ever hitting a creative block. He excels both solo and in a team, bringing more than just design skills; his insights have been crucial in guiding our product's direction. Truly, his impact extends well beyond his role.

    Serge Herkul

    Serge Herkul

    CEO, Toggl



  • A.Team


    Senior Product Designer

    Apr 2022 - Present

    • Working with international clients on innovative design projects
  • Toptal


    Senior Product Designer

    Oct 2016 - Present

    • Working with international clients on innovative design projects
  • JMTS Design

    JMTS Design


    Jan 2013 - Present

    • Solo design studio
  • Weflow


    Founding Designer

    Mar 2021 - Mar 2022

    • I was part of the team that was shaping product from the ground up
    • We went through many iterations to find potential product-market fit
    • I was responsible for setting up a brand, design & develop marketing website and all product design work
  • Metalab


    Senior Product Designer

    Sep 2019 - Mar 2021

    • Designed experiences for well-funded early stage US startups
    • Delivered full-stack product design work ranging from light brands, low-fi product sketches to fully interactive prototypes.
  • Toggl


    Lead Designer

    Mar 2016 - Jul 2020

    • Lead design team
    • Redesigned whole Toggl Plan product from scratch

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