Matt Marcello

I am a senior software and product engineer based in Brooklyn, NY. I have extensive experience working on greenfield projects, from conception and design through to concrete realization. I have always been an asset to business stakeholders who are not entirely certain what they are trying to build, let alone how to build it.

In my free time, you will find me refining classical French cooking techniques in the kitchen, practicing Qigong near my home in Prospect Park, or playing guitar whenever I happen to be around one.

Matt Marcello


  • Facet Labs

    Facet Labs

    CTO ( Freelance )

    Jan 2022 - Present

    Building luxury physical goods for the display of digital art.

    • Led technical design, planning, and execution of luxury wearable product that displays digital art ( NFTs ).
    • Designed and built mobile and web applications that mediate wallet ownership verification, collection browsing, and hardware I/O.
    • Defined technical requirements and API specifications for product hardware and firmware.

    Product Engineer

    May 2019 - Jun 2021

    Privacy first blockchain platform for financial services.

    • Collaborated with product and engineering teams to design and build blockchain native product demos, including smart contracts, backend services, and web interfaces.
    • Built products in the supply chain, private equity, and index data domains — the latter, of which, helped to secure a partnership with Vanguard.
    • Developed internal tooling to ease the setup and teardown of blockchain networks, including cloud infrastructure management and smart contract deployment.
  • Backtrace I/o

    Backtrace I/o

    Staff Software Engineer

    Jul 2015 - Dec 2018

    Error and crash reporting for games and mobile apps.

    • Lead the Backtrace web team, responsible for the design, planning, execution, and maintenance of the web interface for a software error aggregation and analysis platform.
    • Created Query Builder, a complex UI for building analytical queries and visualizing data, as well as Web Debugger, a tool for exploring rich crash data in the web.
    • Efforts led to Amazon Lumberyard, Spotify, and Apple as customers, and the eventual acquisition of Backtrace by Sauce Labs in 2021 for 90M.

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