Melissa Kent Weil

20 years of helping companies grow revenue

I'm a former head of sales. Start ups are my jam. I've seen exits and I've seen failures. I know it works and what gets in the way. I love black coffee, organizing, and the Yankees.

Melissa Kent Weil


  • Incredibly organized, charismatic and eager to help the team. Sets expectations and follows through with what she says she will do.

    McArdle Hankin

    McArdle Hankin

    Co-founder, Back Pocket
  • I'd highly recommend Melissa if you're in need of a smart, savvy and effective player-coach business development lead. She's also a pleasure to deal with. For my small digital media-magazine business she created a top strategy and then very quickly implemented a tactical plan to build a pipeline. I was impressed with 1) how fast she was able to ramp up, 2) how she worked with what we had to begin outreach (using existing contacts, subs), and 3) she created fast results.

    Chris Walsh

    Chris Walsh

    President, Fifty Grande
  • Melissa couples decades of experience in sales and sales management with a strategic and entrepreneurial business sense. She hires great people and gets the best out of them, and she's a candid, clear communicator with colleagues and the rest of the leadership team.

    Chas Edwards

    Chas Edwards

    President, Pop-Up Magazine



  • Fifty Grande

    Fifty Grande

    Fractional CRO

    Aug 2023 - Present

    Travel magazine that explores the US.

    • Created company's first go-to market revenue strategy.
    • Put together pipeline of customers in less than two months.
    • Defined product strategy across print and digital offerings.
  • Back Pocket Media

    Back Pocket Media

    Fractional Head of Sales Strategy

    Nov 2023 - Apr 2024

    Back Pocket Media is an award-winning team of journalists and storytellers who have partnered with hundreds of writers, reporters, and artists across the country to feature journalism, art, and music on stage.

    • Created go-to market sales strategy.
    • Set and attended client meetings.
    • Provided guidance on marketing materials and plans.
  • The Rebooting

    The Rebooting

    Fractional COO

    Feb 2023 - Nov 2023

    Founded by Brian Morrissey, The Rebooting explores how to build sustainable businesses in a rapidly changing media industry. The Rebooting newsletter and podcast is heavily consumer by over 20,000 subscribed business executives.

    • Partnered with CEO on go-to market sales strategy.
    • Created operational flow for clients pre & post sale.
    • Identified ideal client set and set up sales meetings which drove revenue.
  • Pop-Up Magazine

    Pop-Up Magazine

    Head of Sales

    Jun 2019 - Jun 2023

    Pop-Up Magazine Productions made the touring live magazine show, Pop-Up Magazine, and, from 2014-2020, published the California Sunday Magazine, which was awarded a Pulitzer Prize in 2021.

    • Oversaw sales team responsible for selling live advertising onstage.
    • Continued to grow revenue throughout covid when company was forced to shut down live performances and move entirely online.
    • Our team sold multi-channel projects to repeat clients like Google, Chanel, Mailchimp, Patagonia and The Botanist Gin
  • Taykey


    Head of Sales

    Jan 2012 - Sep 2017

    Taykey was a Sequoia and Softbank-backed startup that had deep tech roots in social listening, trend detection and trend-based media activation on platforms such as Google and Facebook. Taykey was acquired by Innovid.

    • First hire revenue hire and built national sales force opening offices across the country.
    • Created sales strategy, led forecasting, budgeting, and team building.
    • Oversaw the establishment of channel partnerships and trained outside sales organizations.
    • Active involvement with board and investors.
  • Federated Media

    Regional Sales Manager

    Dec 2010 - Jan 2012

    A pioneer in content marketing Federated Media by John Battelle was a trusted partner, connecting brands to a community of high-quality and authentic content (at the top known as "blogs").

    • Sold digital media programs across portfolio of independent websites
    • Partnered on custom content sponsorships with both agencies and brands
    • Achieved +120% of sales goals during tenure
  • Zagat Survey

    Senior Account Executive

    Oct 2004 - Jun 2009

    Zagat was an iconic ratings and review publisher.

    • Sold Zagat content as marketing solutions to corporate clients across digital media, print, and licensing
    • Reached 100% of sales goals throughout each year of tenure
    • Sold first digital media program for company

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