Nick Bilotta

Strategic People Development Leader | Specializing in Performance Management & Innovative Learning Solutions | Data-Driven & Inclusive Builder of Teams & Programs

A culture-driven, results-oriented people and programs leader passionate about growth and impact. Expertise in building and scaling high-performing teams, developing strategic programs, and driving operational strategy in the startup space. Proven track record serving a strategic thought-partner to leadership teams across multiple high-growth startups, providing strategic insights on all people topics. Leads with intention, empathy, and a business mindset. Always interested in opportunities to collaborate with early-stage startups and companies innovating in the AI/ML space.

Nick Bilotta


  • Incompass Labs

    Incompass Labs

    Talent Development Consultant

    Mar 2024 - Present

    Incompass Labs transforms qualitative performance management into quantitative and scalable assessments, automating performance calibration with 2x accuracy and 4x speed.🪄 SolutionIncompass converts workforce management into precise, quantifiable evaluations. It streamlines performance calibration, making it more efficient, accurate, and scalable across your organization.Through smart analytics, Incompass pinpoints potential areas of concern such as flight risks, underperformers, unrecognized talent, culture influencers, and possible biases.🔬 ScienceIncompass captures a statistical connection between the quality of assessments that someone provides and the quality of assessments that someone gets from others. In other words, top performers not only get better scores from their peers, but they are also better at assessing the relative quality of their peers.This greater degree of validity enables Incompass to automatically identify and normalize potential biases associated with race, gender, or other factors.📊 InsightsIncompass offers a high-fidelity distribution of employee rankings across core competencies.Our algorithm creates a comprehensive view of employee performance across teams and business units, based on "the wisdom of the crowd" across your organization.By aligning your talent management agenda with employee development needs, Incompass enables the quick identification of top performers and promotes the effective recognition, reward, and retention of talent.⚖️ CalibrationThe precise quantitative nature of Incompass makes it ideally suited for the toughest HR management challenge: performance calibration, i.e., the complex process that companies use to determine salaries and bonuses. It substantially reduces the massive amount of time/effort/politics currently required to make these critical decisions.As the old saying goes, “you can’t manage what you can’t measure” – and we greatly enhance the ability to do both.

    • Spearheaded the development of Customer Success resources for Incompass, ensuring seamless onboarding and user orientation.
    • Strategized and executed customizable guides tailored for diverse user groups, enhancing platform engagement and understanding.
    • Collaborated with technical and advisory teams to infuse product development with actionable customer insights, meeting the needs of HR professionals, executives, and employees.
    • Incompass Labs is pioneering in the HR technology space with a focus on revolutionizing talent development and assessment. Their product leverages advanced analytics and machine learning to provide data-driven insights for performance calibration, peer evaluation, and strategic workforce planning, addressing the critical need for unbiased, comprehensive talent insights in modern organizations.
  • StartupExperts


    Director of Learning & AI Strategy

    Feb 2024 - Present

    StartupExperts is an invite-only community of experienced HR, Finance, and Ops leaders who understand that while we tend to be “teams of one” or leaders of small teams at individual companies, we all regularly encounter the same business challenges and believe that collectively we are stronger when we support each other. As a community of professionals we are passionate about learning, we want to build deeper relationships with our peers, and most importantly we find personal satisfaction in giving to others.

    • Driving understanding, adoption and impact of generative AI tools for our incredible collection of HR, operations and finance professionals.
  • Team Union

    Team Union

    Human Resources Consultant

    Nov 2023 - Dec 2023

    Union is a People Operations and Recruiting firm for high-retention startups. We work with our clients to build or upgrade any process, tools, and performance management policies necessary so our candidates, and everyone our clients hire, succeed long-term.

    • Creating diverse learning materials and templates across various HR domains such as onboarding, learning and development, succession planning, culture development, and organizational development.
    • Emphasizing the design and implementation of strategies that enhance manager-employee interactions, align individual growth with organizational goals, and foster a continuous learning culture within startups.
    • Building effective, scalable frameworks to support various aspects of human resource management and organizational development.
  • Redesign Health

    Redesign Health

    Program Lead, Executive Learning Content Development

    Jan 2023 - Sep 2023

    • Pioneered the Startup Solutions Development (Executive Learning Content) function from scratch, defining the strategy and process for creating unique, easy-to-use resources that solve common challenges faced by startup founders. Solutions range from decision-tree flow charts on MVP development for onboarding CEOs to guides on best practices for gaining in-market traction with SMBs.
    • Key achievements and responsibilities include:
    • – Crafted a user journey map, gap analysis and prioritization framework, laying the foundation for a proactive and evolving content strategy with rapid feedback loops and constant iteration.
    • – Leveraged LLM AI for program ideation and project development, blending human insight and expertise with the efficiency of advanced technology.
    • – Built collaborative relationships of trust with SMEs across all departments (Product, Marketing, Business Development, Legal & Compliance, Strategy & Finance, et.). leading to targeted, impactful content that significantly elevated user sentiment.
    • – Implemented an agile development approach, resulting in the creation of 100+ pieces of content in our first 6 months, further enhanced by the integration of generative AI tools across knowledge operations.
    • – Developed and managed a team of authors, emphasizing a proactive, high-performing, fun and trust-based culture.
    • – Successfully navigated multiple leadership transitions, maintaining team productivity and morale.
    • This role leverages my diverse background in creative production, content development with a lens on adult learning theory, program management/operations, and people development, attracting and growing an incredibly talented team to achieve these results.
  • Redesign Health

    Redesign Health

    Director of Talent Development

    Feb 2022 - Jan 2023

    • Championed the development and implementation of large-scale programs that enhanced performance, engagement, and development across Redesign Health’s diverse team.
    • Developed and implemented a company-wide performance framework with universal competencies for 230 unique roles on 30+ teams.
    • Led leadership development programming for 70+ manager team including the planning, execution and facilitation of multiple executive retreats/offsites.
    • Defined and created a high performance culture that provides career development opportunities for all and coached leaders on driving their people’s impact and growth.
    • Designed and implemented post-RIF change management strategy including enablements sessions, 1:1 leadership coaching and on demand resources.
  • Candid™


    Director, Retail Operations & Talent Strategy

    Mar 2021 - Jan 2022

    • Drove the development of Candid's talent strategy while managing a large retail field, balancing strategic initiatives with operational excellence.
    • Developed and implemented talent strategy for Candid organization; created and delivered remote learning standards to 85+ people leaders throughout the company.
    • Partnered with Recruiting & DEI counterpart to develop and deliver People Programs strategy for the new year covering employee value proposition (EVP), onboarding, performance & development and community & experience.
    • Built leadership training programs and developed four levels of retail leadership with 20+ internal promotions.
    • Led hiring for 18 new managers and over 80 associates during expansion of 25 new locations in 2021.
    • Led a retail organization performing at 80% conversion with an 80 NPS.
  • Candid™


    General Manager Candid Studios, HRBP & Retail Operations

    Apr 2020 - Mar 2021

    • Steered the reopening of Candid's retail organization during the pandemic, demonstrating strong leadership and HR capabilities in a challenging environment.
    • Managed the furlough process for 160+ retail employees, ensuring clear communication and engagement.
    • Developed reopening strategy for 12 target locations across 7 states for an employee base of 80 in accordance with ever-evolving government and expert guidance.
    • Identified and retained top-talent: 85+% of the team returned in reopening markets.
    • Led field in returning to work and success; exceeded sales conversion (+70%) and NPS (+9) pre-pandemic by EOY.
  • Candid™


    Senior Manager, Talent Development & HRBP

    Apr 2019 - Apr 2020

    • Elevated Candid Studios' talent and culture through innovative people development programs and effective employee relations strategies.
    • Pioneered the formalization of the onboarding program, contributing to the alignment of talent strategy with operational goals.
    • Led the design and execution of scalable learning technologies, including the deployment of authoring tools and LMS, increasing content accessibility for remote retail team.
    • Took on employee relations coaching, investigations and proactive strategy for 160+ field organization.
    • Designed a competency-based performance management and review structure; implemented across the retail team for 4 cycles.
    • Created a competency-based performance management structure, leveraging KPIs to enhance employee performance and satisfaction.
    • Developed and administer company-wide engagement survey roll out and response strategy.
  • Squarespace


    Learning Business Partner

    May 2017 - Feb 2019

    Providing a sanctuary for the senses. Rejuvenate in awe-inspiring locations around the world. #SustainableTourism

    • Served 850+ employees across New York City, Portland, and Dublin. Created 25+ modules of unique internal programming on a variety of leadership, communication and effectiveness topics, partnering closely with other members of the People team and leaders throughout the organization to customize high-impact offerings to all employees.
    • – Facilitating Team Effectiveness, Leadership Effectiveness and one on one coaching to teams (engineering, product, marketing, leadership) and individuals across the organization using the Insights Discovery method.
    • – Collaborated on the design of a mandatory feedback training for all 175+ managers at Squarespace.
    • – Built out a holistic and inclusive onboarding experience from the ground up for hundreds of new Squarespace employees over the last two years at all three locations. The program focuses on providing a mix of interactive events and on-demand resources in partnership with subject matter experts from across the company.
    • – Leading the week-over-week onboarding process; empowering and motivating subject matter experts from around the company as facilitators and partnering with recruiters and hiring managers to draft and ensure consistent experiences for new hires before they begin. The program has seen a steady increase in satisfaction from both targeted surveys and focus groups as it has grown in complexity.
    • – Built a transition plan for mergers and acquisitions employees in partnership with business and operations teams that combines onboarding with a change management strategy designed to ensure transparency and employee satisfaction.
  • Squarespace


    Learning And Development Specialist

    Mar 2016 - May 2017

    Providing a sanctuary for the senses. Rejuvenate in awe-inspiring locations around the world. #SustainableTourism

    • Supporting the design, development and implementation of training an award-winning Customer Operations organization.
  • Squarespace


    Customer Operations & Product Support Specialist

    Feb 2015 - Mar 2016

    Providing a sanctuary for the senses. Rejuvenate in awe-inspiring locations around the world. #SustainableTourism

    • Providing award-winning technical support and customer service to Squarespace's customers.
  • Applebee's - Apple-Metro, Inc.

    Applebee's - Apple-Metro, Inc.

    Neighborhood Expert

    Apr 2013 - Jan 2015

    Apple-Metro, Inc. is the exclusive New York Metropolitan Area franchisee for Applebee’s Grill & Bar®. Our portfolio currently includes 29 Applebee’s® in the five boroughs and Westchester County. The mission of Apple-Metro is to guarantee each and every guest the ultimate in casual dining experience by providing extraordinary service, delicious food and drink in a fun-filled and friendly atmosphere. Seeing the dynamic opportunity and unfulfilled marketplace needs in the New York Metro area, Franchise Principals Zane Tankel and Roy Raeburn seized the opportunity to control franchise rights for Casual Dining segment front runner Applebee’s Grill & Bar®. Now in our 27th year of operation Apple-Metro, Inc. continues to exceed sales expectations in an uncertain and sometimes difficult marketplace. We currently operate restaurants that include the two largest Applebee’s® in the entire world which are located at 50th Street (NYC) and 42nd Street (NYC). Our portfolio also includes 2 casual restaurants called Pizza Studio, 1 in Fordham and the other at the Gateway Center Mall in Brooklyn. Apple-Metro, Inc. has gained access to the franchise rights for the 5 boroughs! Pizza Studio is a Los Angeles-based pizza franchise founded in 2013. The fast-casual concept allows diners to create their own pizzas using four types of dough and a number of vegetables, meats, and cheeses that employees help put together in front of the customer. The pizzas are cooked in about 2 minutes in a self-ventilating conveyor oven. Check it out at

    • As a Neighborhood Expert at the world's largest Applebee's in the Broadway district, I managed high-volume service for a global clientele, led training for new hires, and contributed to the successful execution of numerous events and parties.
    • High-Volume Service & Training: Balanced efficient service for diverse, high-traffic tables with the responsibility of training new servers in customer service and restaurant protocols.
    • -Event Execution: Took part in the planning and delivery of parties and special events, coordinating closely with kitchen and bar staff for seamless experiences.
    • Customer Engagement: Maintained high guest satisfaction levels through strong communication and attention to order accuracy in a fast-paced setting.
  • IBM


    Service Engineer

    Jun 2012 - Oct 2012

    at ibm, work is more than a job - it's a calling: to build. to design. to code. to consult. to think along with clients and sell. to make markets. to invent. to collaborate. not just to do something better, but to attempt things you've never thought possible. to lead in this new era of technology and solve some of the world's most challenging problems. ibm is a leading cloud platform and cognitive solutions company. restlessly reinventing since 1911, we are the largest technology and consulting employer in the world, with more than 380,000 employees serving clients in 170 countries. with watson, the ai platform for business, powered by data, we are building industry-based solutions to real-world problems. for more than seven decades, ibm research has defined the future of information technology with more than 3,000 researchers in 12 labs located across six continents. for more information, visit this is ibm's official linkedin account and it follows ibm social computing gu

    • As an Intern for IBM I assisted and shadowed service engineers to numerous large corporations’ data centers, diagnosing issues big and small, solving problems.
  • Glennergy Labs

    Assc. Producer

    Feb 2010 - Jan 2012

    Glennergy Labs is dedicated to the basic concept that smart, hard working and talented PEOPLE will always be the surest investment out there. That what uncertain markets need is equal parts stability and innovation. The flexibility to embrace the next GREAT idea, and the intelligence and experience to skip the fads who's reach is exceeded only by it's brevity in the marketplace.

    • Serving as the second to Glenn Ciano in his development and production company, I handled all technical/computer services including but not limited to: marketing/press releases, communication, organization, data management, planning and graphic design. I managed and designed The Labs’ growing web presence and aided in the development of our specialized system that utilizes new technologies and expanded thinking to bi-pass the traditional pitfalls that menace smaller productions while maintaining theatrical quality in our final products.
  • Applebee's



    Aug 2008 - Apr 2010

    There's a lot to love about Applebee's! Founded more than four decades ago on the principles of exceptional value and family fun, Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill + Bar serves as America’s kitchen table. As one of the world’s largest casual dining brands, Applebee's provides guests a lively dining experience that combines simple, craveable American fare with classic drinks and local drafts. Applebee’s makes it easy for family and friends to connect with one another. Whether it’s in a dining room or in the comfort of a living room, Eatin’ Good in the Neighborhood™ is a familiar and affordable escape from the everyday. Applebee’s is always Doin’ Good in the Neighborhood® too. Applebee's restaurants are owned and operated by local business owners who are dedicated to more than serving great food. They each offer their own team member benefits and build up the communities and neighborhoods that we call home by investing in team member growth and supporting local charities and national causes. Applebee's is franchised by subsidiaries of Dine Brands Global Inc. [NYSE: DIN], which is one of the world's largest full-service restaurant companies. Learn more at

    • Waiting tables, customer service, money handling.
  • Sony Pictures Television, Inc.

    Sony Pictures Television, Inc.

    Production Intern

    Mar 2007 - May 2007

    Sony Pictures Television, Inc. is a motion pictures and film company based out of 10202 W WASHINGTON BLVD, Culver City, California, United States.

    • Served internship assisting all factions of production (including preand post-) and promotion
  • Hofstra University

    Hofstra University

    Basic Course Grant, Peer-teacher

    Sep 2005 - May 2007

    Hofstra University can help you get where you want to go, with small classes, dedicated faculty and a beautiful, energized campus, plus all the opportunities of New York City within easy reach. Find your future by choosing from about 150 undergraduate and about 160 graduate programs, in Liberal Arts and Sciences, Business, Communication, Education, Health and Human Services and Honors studies, as well as a School of Law and School of Medicine. The student-faculty ratio of 14 to 1 and a priority on teaching excellence ensures you're part of creating your own success.

    • Served as both the Basic Course Grant and a peer-teacher to Dr. Mary Anne Trasciatti, Dept. Chair
    • Assisted in maximizing the effectiveness of the Department’s basic courses through uniformity and accessibility to encourage new majors
    • Helped to design, organize and instruct a course discussing the importance and critical analysis of “pop” culture

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