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Founder of Sapient & Senio | Grew to 100+ | 3 Exits

As a seasoned engineer, founder, and CTO, my journey has taken me from the world of academia developing nano and quantum technology to establishing and leading successful companies. I was the technological driving force behind Sapient, a successful venture-backed company still growing to this day, and the creator of a political fundraising technology that was successfully acquired. I've also developed an FDA-approved medical device technology from the ground up and launched it globally. My …

Sam Parks


  • Lauching an AI-Enabled Medical Device

    Lauching an AI-Enabled Medical Device

    During my time at HueDx, I was responsible for the creation of a novel assay development software tool suite that used machine vision and AI to help pharmaceutical and medical device companies develop colorimetric assays in 10% of the industry-standard time. Along with this suite, I also developed a device platform that could quantitatively measure the assay reactions using only a cell phone.
  • Engineering the world's first smart outlet

    My first company, Sapient (at the time called Hubl), was one of the earliest known designs of what is now synonymous with smart homes— the smart outlet. I designed and built from the ground up the world's first in-wall, IoT-enabled smart outlet capable of detecting the types of devices plugged in as well as metering the energy consumed by plugged in devices. This patent and design launched Sapient into becoming the powerhouse of energy metering and hyper-intelligent commercial building automation that it is today.


  • HueDx



    Nov 2021 - Jul 2023

    At HueDx, a pioneering medical device company, I was instrumental in leading the development and engineering of an innovative assay development and commercialization software tool suite, as well as a Rapid, Quantitative, Assay-based (RQA) device platform from the ground up.

    • Successfully transformed a product that initially fell short of FDA standards into a high-performing medical device
    • Overhauled HueDx’s software stack, redesigned the device, and achieved product specifications that exceeded industry standards
    • Drafted a 510k FDA submission and navigated the complex Class I and Class II medical device regulatory pathways
    • Designed and implemented a robust, micro-services-based backend
    • Developed internal applications for scientific data storage, exploration, and data science, and created machine learning models for image processing of the medical device
    • Drafted CAD for all physical components and executed a strategic manufacturing plan with partners in China to mass-produce the array of products in compliance with FDA regulations in ISO13485 facilities
  • Senio Systems (Acquired)

    Founder and CEO

    Jan 2018 - Feb 2019

    I founded Senio, a software tool suite platform for political fundraising that leverages publicly-available data and sophisticated data science techniques to enhance the financial effectiveness of political campaigns. Senio's innovative software tools intelligently design campaign finance and fundraising strategies, statistically improving the likelihood of a successful campaign. Senio's success led to its acquisition by a non-publicly-disclosed entity in early 2019.

    • Launched, scaled, and sold in ~12 months
  • Sapient Industries (Exited)

    Sapient Industries (Exited)

    Founder and CTO

    Apr 2017 - Jun 2021

    As a co-founder and CPO at Sapient Industries, I played a pivotal role in the company's growth and success. Under my leadership, the company quickly expanded to nearly 100 employees and achieved multi-million-dollar annual recurring revenue within the first six months of product launch.

    • Successfully led a large-scale development project to create a scalable, post-MVP web application capable of serving over 100,000 devices streaming data to our backend simultaneously
    • Spearheaded the development of a line of LoRaWAN-based smart outlet devices, securing global regulatory safety certifications for mass production
    • Innovated and patented software and algorithms for creating unique product features
    • Developed enterprise-scale reporting automation and designed multiple machine learning models for deployment in the production codebase
    • Established a strategic partnership with one of the largest utility companies in the world
    • Successfully closed multiple six-figure deals with Fortune 500 companies
    • Raised substantial venture capital from angel investors and institutional venture capital firms
    • Led a record-breaking crowdfunding campaign, setting new standards for Form-C crowdfunding campaigns
  • Singh Center for Nanotechnology

    Singh Center for Nanotechnology


    Jan 2014 - Jan 2017

    Before my entrepreneurial journey, I was deeply involved in cutting-edge research as a staff scientist and PhD student at the Singh Center for Nanotechnology and the University of Pennsylvania’s Quantum Engineering Lab.

    • Discovered and developed a novel method for increasing the sensitivity of a type of quantum sensor called an NV Center, a contending architecture for potential quantum computers
    • Developed and optimized optical lithography processes for lab-grown diamond, leading to a fundamental discovery about the way quantum measurements can be made
    • Developed automation electronics and software for a scanning confocal microscope, as well as built a single-mode transmission microscope for testing lithographic techniques intended to improve the sensitivity of embedded atomic defect field sensors

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