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I'm Scotty, I build products

Did I mention I was nominated for an Emmy? Or that I built the first production ecommerce website to use React? I've been building software products for 20 years and I'm very good at it. Give me a shout, let's make something cool.

Scotty Weeks


  • Welcome to the Blumhouse (Experience)

    Welcome to the Blumhouse (Experience)

    I led development of this Emmy nominated interactive experience for Blumhouse Productions. A live, interactive screening of four Blumhouse movies: Blackbox, Evil Eye, The Lie, and Nocturne. Due to Covid the live release party for these movies was canceled and Amazon contracted Little Cinema to build an interactive experience that included not only screenings of the films, but live events with actors, DJ sets by Ludacris and Quest Love, and audience participation. Using mux streaming servers to handle video, D3 to handle beautiful interactions, and a hand rolled CQRS event system to reliably control the audience experience in real time during live performances.
  • Just Salad
    Implemented rewards programs, including integration with LevelUP. Re-engineered the native and web applications
  • Stella Pulse

    Stella Pulse

    Stella had a successful call center management product called Connect. They wanted to expand their presence in the customer service software market so they brought me on to develop a new application for mystery shopping. Pulse allows brands to recruit their loyalty users for mystery shopping missions and reward those shoppers with rewards points and in-kind compensation. I worked with their CEO to build the first version of the application using Elixir and React. I hired a product consultant to handle design and UX of the application. Pulse was acquired by PowerReviews.
  • COFE
    The founders of COFE flew me to Kuwait City to help them build out the first version of their coffee ordering application. Now COFE has expanded across the middle east. There were many tricky and interesting pieces to developing an app for countries with special regulations around credit usage.
  • Sweetgreen Ordering Website and App

    Sweetgreen Ordering Website and App

    I led the development team at Gin Lane that built Sweetgreen's ordering website and application. We used Rails for the API server which we integrated with LevelUP and Sweetgreen's in store order management system. I led the team and wrote much of the code, full stack from server to interface
  • The Reformation

    The Reformation

    The first production ecommerce site built with React. In the world. I led a development team at Gin Lane that built and delivered The Reformation

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