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    Amy Dalebout
    1. Corporate Social Responsibility
    2. Executive Coaching
    3. International Development
    4. Public Relations
    5. Nonprofits
    People & Culture
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    Andrew Selzer-Wong
    1. Finance
    2. Financial Modeling
    3. Business strategy
    4. Term Sheets
    5. Business Analysis
    CFO and generalist startup problem solver focused on financial, business, and fundraising strategy and building fundraising data rooms. Former founder, 2x startup CFO (SaaS, Web3), VC, and advisor to a TechStars startup. MBA, MS Advanced Finance, and Forbes 30 Under 30.
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    Alexa Schwarz
    1. Advisor
    2. #leadership
    3. Product Strategy
    4. Product
    Fractional CPO, ex Amazon, JP Morgan