Taylor Berghane

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Founded Waldo Labs - Bootstrapped to $2M in Revenue in 2 Years

I'm a former founder with 10+ years of working with highly technical teams and scaling startups.

I've worked with Rent the Runway, Splice, Care/of, Climate Club and 50+ startups to build their technical and non-technical teams.

I scaled Waldo Labs to 10 employees at our peak both in the US and Offshore.

I have extensive experience with working with founders and startup leaders, hiring processes, building startups and scaling teams.

I'm currently working on a mental health concept, and looking to help advise and/or scale startup teams in the meantime.

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Taylor Berghane


  • Waldo Labs | Automating Hiring for Companies

    Waldo Labs | Automating Hiring for Companies

    • Recruiting
    • Startup Consultant
    • CEO
    • People Operations
    • Operations
    • Go To Market
    • Talent Leader
    • Freelance Project Manager
    • Hiring
    • Founder

    Built and scaled a SaaS recruitment automation platform to $2M in revenue in two years.

    Automating hiring while saving companies 327% more time. Clients include Alfred, Ethena, NexHealth, Welcome, Courier Health, Cents, Climate Club, Smalls, Fabric8 Labs, Uno Health, Dia & Co.

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  • Hive Five - Hire Better. Hire Faster. Hire Smarter.

    • Recruiting
    • Startup Consultant
    • Talent Leader
    • Head of People
    • SaaS
    • Hiring
    • Fractional Head of People

    HiveFive is a data powered referral software platform, relationship leveraging outbound tool, and on-site “white glove” talent service...

    Hired 40+ across engineering/product/design advising Splice, working closely with their leadership team.


    Onsite to Hire - Improved from 6:1 to 1.8:1

    Time to Hire - Improved from 50 days to 36 Days

    Built technical teams for: Care/of, Rent the Runway, ActionIQ, Parsley Health and 30+ other startups

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    • Greenhouse
    • Lever
    • Workable
  • Subscriptions & Recurring Payments for Ecommerce - Recharge Payments

    Subscriptions & Recurring Payments for Ecommerce - Recharge Payments

    • Recruiting
    • Hiring
    • Talent Leader

    Recharge is the leading subscriptions payments platform designed for merchants to set up and manage dynamic recurring billing across web and mobile.

    Principal Technical Recruiter


    • Director of Engineering
    • Principal Engineer
    • Sr. Fullstack Engineer
    • Greenhouse


  • Waldo Labs

    Waldo Labs

    Founder and Chief Executive Officer

    Aug 2023 - Present

    Automating hiring while saving companies 327% more time. Clients include Alfred, Ethena, NexHealth, Welcome, Courier Health, Cents, Climate Club, Smalls, Fabric8 Labs, Uno Health, Dia & Co.

    • Helped 50+ startups scale their technical and non-technical teams. Grew bootstrapped to $2M in revenue in two years.
  • Freewill


    Principal Technical Recruiting Advisor

    Jul 2021 - Present

    freewill is a new social venture, created at stanford university. we provide free, warm, and intuitive online tools to help people with estate planning, these tools also make it easier than ever to leave money to charity, for those who choose to do so.

    • Scaled FreeWill's Technical and Non-Technical Teams
  • Recharge Payments

    Recharge Payments

    Principal Talent Acquisition Partner

    Feb 2021 - Jun 2021

    Seamless subscription commerce. We turn transactions into relationships.

    • Hired a Director of Engineering, Principal Engineer and more
  • Care/of


    Principal Tech Recruiter Consultant

    Jun 2020 - Nov 2020

    You are unique. So are we.

    • Hired Care/of's initial Engineering, Product and Design teams working closely with the Founders.
  • Nomad Health

    Nomad Health

    Principal Technical Recruiter Consultant

    Jul 2019 - Dec 2019

    Medical jobs on demand. Earn more. Stress less.

    • Hired 5 technical roles from Engineering Manager to Lead Product Manager and Sr. Software Engineers working closely with their VPE and CTO.
  • Actioniq


    Principal Technical Recruiter Consultant

    Dec 2018 - Jul 2019

    Align your people, technology, and processes to deliver exceptional customer experiences across every touchpoint

    • Worked with leadership team to scale engineering and product teams.
  • Hivefive.ai

    Hire #1 - Talent and Product Innovation

    Nov 2018 - Nov 2020

    HiveFive is a data powered referral and inbound application automation platform.

    • Hire #1. Advised 20+ startups as a fractional Head of Talent on everything around their hiring process, interview strategy and candidate experience. Worked internally with the Founder and CTO to build our Referral Automation Platform.
  • Rent the Runway

    Rent the Runway

    Principal Technical Recruiter Consultant

    Nov 2018 - Feb 2019

    We are tackling invigorating challenges everyday as we transform the way modern women get dressed - come join us!

    • Worked with their CTO and Head of Talent to scale their Engineering/Product/Design orgs
  • Pine Outfitters

    Pine Outfitters

    Chief Product Officer

    Aug 2017 - Aug 2019

    "Embrace the Wild Side" Visit us at www.pineoutfitters.shop

    • Managed all of the product and material sourcing, go to market and supply chains
  • Singlesprout


    Technical Recruiter

    Aug 2014 - Jul 2015

    SingleSprout builds technology-driven teams that solve some of the world’s most challenging problems.

    • Made 55 hires in two years, acquired 10 new clients for SingleSprout at the same time.

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