Trent Haire

  1. Marketing
  2. Go To Market
  3. Thumbnail Strategy
  4. YouTube Strategy
  5. Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)
  6. Viewer Retention

YouTube Strategist with 7B views and counting...

Trent has been working with top creators for nearly a decade. He got his start as the first employee for Preston and worked his way from being an editor to the Director of Strategy for the team of 50. Over those 5.5 years, the company grew from ~3M subscribers to over 50M across all channels, topping 550M monthly views.

Trent now owns and operates Creator Campfire, where he helps creators optimize their content and scale their operations via proven YouTube strategies and systems.

He loves his wife, daughters, and cold brew coffee.

Trent Haire


  • Interview - Creator Generation Podcast

    Interview - Creator Generation Podcast

    • Social growth

    Are the mega YouTube creators just lucky? Do they work harder? Work smarter? Think differently? Do things differently?

    Short answer. All of the above, but luck is only a very small part.

    One thing we've seen time & again is that top creators readily collaborate with others who are going to help them get to where they want to go.

    Trent Haire is one of those awesome collaborators who's been instrumental in helping mega YouTuber Preston & TBNR Productions get to where they are today.

    Trent was Preston's first employee, and is now head of strategy for TBNR (+40 million YouTube subs, so safe to say he knows what it takes ) to grow a YouTube media company from top-to-bottom.

    So for our latest Creator Generation ep we asked Trent to lift the lid on the lot - from the early days of getting Preston out of bed to record a video to building an epic media empire.
  • Wall of Results

    Wall of Results

    • YouTube Strategy
    • Viewer Retention
    • Thumbnail Strategy
    • Title Strategy
    • Channel Strategy
    • Go To Market
    • Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

    Here's a collection of real client results and testimonials.


  • Creator Campfire

    Creator Campfire


    Nov 2021 - Present

    Helping top creators and companies grow faster on YouTube.

    • See wall of results :)
  • TBNR


    Director of Strategy

    Apr 2016 - Nov 2021

    TBNR has an innate desire to spread positive messaging and cares deeply about the kind of content and products that we popularize with our videos, merchandise, and game development. We are seeking passionate CREATORS with a love for human collaboration through supportive competition to join us in the FIRE movement revolution - we will not REST in our efforts to push the needle of humanity forward in a meaningfully, positive direction!

    • Total subscribers from ~3M to 50M
    • Over 550M views/month
    • Helped scale from first employee to a team of 50+
    • Built systems and processes to assist with scale
    • Utilized data to help inform creative decisions and train all departments in YouTube best practices.

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