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  • Hazel Quimpo profile image
    Hazel Quimpo
    1. Leadership
    2. Fractional CMO
    3. Project Management
    4. Automation
    5. Marketing
    Optimizing content teams with AI, automations and ChatGPT for Marketing.
  • Garrett Bishop profile image
    Garrett Bishop
    1. Product Management
    2. Fractional COO
    3. Go-To-Market Strategies & Implementation
    4. Business Analytics
    5. Product Strategy
    Growth Product | Advanced Analytics | eCommerce Operations
  • Debbie Williams profile image
    Debbie Williams
    1. Fractional CMO
    2. Team Building
    3. Go-To-Market Strategies & Implementation
    4. Advisor
    5. Head of Content
    Former Agency Founder, Marketing VP, and Content Marketing Pioneer