Hazel Quimpo

Optimizing content teams with AI, automations and ChatGPT for Marketing.

Hazel Quimpo is the bridge to a smarter, more human-centered content strategy for your business. An expert in organic growth, partnerships, and omnichannel content marketing strategies, working with Hazel means prioritizing efficiency and using AI intelligently without sacrificing the soul of your brand.

By integrating AI into the fabric of your content operations, Hazel saves hours of work to free up creative teams to be... well... creative.

Hazel brings a track record of transforming content wor…

Hazel Quimpo


  • Hazel is a visionary leader with a remarkable ability to build diverse and effective teams. She's a talented marketer with the ability to create strong brands and compelling messaging. She's always innovating with the latest trends in technology and platforms. Hazel is creative, inspiring, and truly motivating! She's an asset to any organization who is willing to try new things and make data-driven decisions.

    Kristen Wright

    Kristen Wright

    Marketing Manager, Automattic
  • Hazel is a pure delight to work with. Her creative vision and attitude is always a welcome respite in my day. Hazel's ability to navigate complex relationships and push her visions forward is something I've learned a ton from, and I look forward to working with her more in the future.

    Drew Griswold

    Drew Griswold

    Director of Outbound Markting, StellarWP
  • When building your dream team - get Hazel involved in leadership. She’s going to help encourage the team, pace the work, deliver on time, and be a joy to work with. Hazel is strong in organization, creativity, and structure. Her strategy skills will level-up your marketing with better content, data, and results. Take even one call with Hazel and you’ll see the difference. She’s determined, faithful, and honest. She is a natural leader who has integrity in all she does.

    Kori Ashton

    Kori Ashton

    CRO Consultant, Liquid Web


    • I developed an innovative solution that harnessed the power of AI and Zapier to automate the entire process. Starting with a simple form, team members could input foundational brand info, which was saved for future use, eliminating repetitive tasks. The form also captured specific content requirements and initial ideas.

    • Leveraging expertly crafted AI prompts and frameworks tailored to each brand, the system generated comprehensive content calendars, complete with Google Docs full of ideas and slide decks for client presentations, plus detailed production briefs.

    • The agency transformed its content strategy workflow, saving over 60 hours per month that was previously lost to ideation and calendar setup. This tool didn’t just streamline processes; it enhanced creativity, providing a broad spectrum of AI-generated ideas for the team to refine and approve. The end product was a meticulously organized, innovative content calendar ready to impress clients and streamline production, encapsulating the magic of technology when applied with strategic insight.

  • StellarWP - A Blueprint for Integrating Acquired Brands Under a Single Vision

    StellarWP is home to some of the most beloved and dependable WordPress plugins and solutions on the planet.

    • Creating StellarWP wasn’t just about harmonizing logos or syncing email signatures. It was a deep dive into the DNA of each brand, extracting their essence to form a cohesive, stronger whole. The initiative included:
    • Crafting the StellarWP identity, encompassing naming and brand strategy.
    • Developing a unified email marketing system to engage a diverse user base across all brands, aiming to increase interaction and revenue.
    • Emphasizing empathy in leadership to address the concerns of team members from acquired brands, ensuring a smooth transition into the StellarWP family.
    • Innovative community engagement strategies to maintain and grow user base loyalty.


    • Within a year, StellarWP stood tall, a testament to the power of strategic foresight blended with a deep commitment to community and empathy. User engagement soared, and the seamless integration of our brands under the StellarWP umbrella sparked a new era in the WordPress community.

  • Automated Email Funnel Success for a Subscription-Based Culinary Service - The Clever
    • Tailored Email Segmentation: We meticulously analyzed our subscriber list, identifying specific interests and preferences among our paying customers. This detailed segmentation allowed us to craft personalized email content for different groups—whether they were vegan enthusiasts, meat lovers, or spice aficionados.
    • Engaging Content Narratives: We shifted our email content strategy from generic updates to captivating stories and tips related to the culinary world. Each email aimed to enrich the subscriber’s experience with their box, offering insights into ingredient origins, cooking techniques, and the cultural significance of dishes.
    • Value-Added Offers: To enhance the sense of exclusivity and value for our paying subscribers, we introduced special offers, early access to premium box themes, and invitations to exclusive online cooking events. These efforts reinforced the benefits of maintaining their subscription beyond just the monthly box.

    • Improved Retention Rates: By introducing more personalized and engaging email content, we saw a significant reduction in churn, with a 25% increase in retention rates among our paying subscribers.
    • Uptick in Premium Upgrades: The strategy also influenced a 35% increase in subscribers opting for premium-tier subscriptions, attracted by the exclusive content and offers highlighted in our emails.
    • Boost in Subscriber Lifetime Value: These engaged and satisfied customers contributed to a 30% increase in overall lifetime value, indicating a deeper investment in the GourmetBox community.
  • Conversion Rate Optimization Sprint for WordPress Theme and Plugin Brand

    Conversion Rate Optimization Sprint for WordPress Theme and Plugin Brand

    KadenceWP, renowned for its WordPress themes and plugins, faced a challenge many businesses dream of: a vast user base of free users and website visitors. Yet, converting these users into paying customers was proving to be a tougher puzzle than expected. The conversion rate was languishing, reflecting a gap in the customer journey and a missed opportunity for revenue growth.

    • Customer Experience Overhaul: First on our agenda was enhancing the overall user experience on the KadenceWP website. We meticulously analyzed user behavior, identifying bottlenecks and friction points that deterred free users from upgrading. Simplification and streamlining became our mantras, leading to an intuitive, hassle-free navigation and checkout process.
    • Email Marketing Revitalization: Recognizing the untapped potential in KadenceWP’s email list, we overhauled their email marketing strategy. We segmented their audience more precisely and crafted personalized, automated email campaigns. These campaigns focused on educating users about the value of premium features, using success stories and targeted offers to nudge free users toward conversion.
    • Funnel Redesign for Trust Building: Understanding that trust is the foundation of any conversion, we redesigned KadenceWP’s sales funnel with a focus on building credibility. From showcasing user testimonials to featuring expert reviews and detailed product walkthroughs, every touchpoint was optimized to reassure potential customers of their decision to upgrade.


  • Moms in Tech

    Moms in Tech

    Marketing Director

    Jun 2023 - Present

    Moms in Tech is a vibrant organic community of 18,000 Moms working within tech roles or within the tech industry. I lead the marketing efforts.

    • Salary Survey Campaign - Grew a brand new email list to 1k subscribers overnight
    • Layoff Survival Guide - Ideated, Produced, Wrote and Designed Layoff Guide which actively garners new subscribers daily
    • Email Growth - Implemented Email Newsletter and Grew Sponsorship Program
  • The Clever

    The Clever

    Freelance AI and Marketing Consultant

    Nov 2022 - Present

    I started The Clever to help small and medium teams do big things with their marketing without losing their personal touch. We use AI and automation to make marketing tasks easier and let businesses focus on what they really love.

    • Saved Time with Automation: With tools like Zapier and ClickUp, I made boring tasks run by themselves. This means businesses save up to 30 hours a week, giving them more time for the fun parts of their job.
    • Taught Businesses About AI: I showed people how to use AI and automation in simple steps. Now, they can use these tools on their own to grow their business.
    • Made Smart Marketing Tools Easy: I came up with ways to use AI that turn simple ideas into full marketing plans. This includes planning out a whole month of posts or making web pages that get people interested.
  • Longbeachize


    Community Marketing Partner

    Apr 2023 - Sep 2023

    At Longbeachize, I transformed a buzzing local community into a revenue-generating powerhouse—no extra staff needed. My mission at Longbeachize was simple: empower local businesses to grow efficiently via community in an ultra-modern way. I worked hand-in-hand with entrepreneurs, providing strategic guidance and badass solutions.

    • Kickstarted a popular email newsletter that became a magnet for sponsor opportunities.
    • Amplified social media audiences by a staggering 30% within just the first two months.
  • StellarWP


    Sr. Director of Marketing

    Apr 2021 - Nov 2022

    StellarWP is a leading brand of products in the WordPress space. It's housed within The Liquid Web brand and I was the one behind making StellarWP an idea and a reality. Within the span of a year LiquidWeb acquired six WordPress solutions, it was a whirlwind of a ride with lots of successes along the way.

    • Led the Stellar brand's marketing strategy, guiding it to become a multi-million ARR software company.
    • Instrumental in establishing StellarWP as a trusted name in WordPress through employee-led campaigns.
    • Managed the marketing integration and go-to-market strategies for six brand acquisitions, contributing to a 25% revenue increase.
    • Implemented repeated marketing engines resulting in 10x revenue growth from email marketing.
    • Expanded the marketing team to 24 members, including agencies and contractors, enhancing collaboration and efficiency.
  • Modern Tribe

    Modern Tribe

    Content Marketing

    Aug 2018 - Dec 2020

    Modern Tribe is an enterprise WordPress agency that designs and engineers each touchpoint across digital ecosystem, from websites and applications to plugins and publishing platforms. We use systems thinking to land on the tools and processes that produce the right deliverables.

    • Grew free to paid email campaigns from scratch to become 20% of revenue generated
  • The Events Calendar

    The Events Calendar

    Senior Product Marketing Manager

    Aug 2018 - Jun 2021

    The Events Calendar is the number one calendar and events plugin on WordPress, with an audience of about 55% developers and 45% WP users who don't consider themselves devs. I led all marketing efforts there with a small but super-talented team.

    • Implemented CRM system and started automated marketing campaigns
    • Led marketing for the top WordPress calendar plugin, with a 55% developer-focused audience.
    • Implemented CRM and automated campaigns, achieving an 8.2% email conversion rate.
    • Tripled sales goals for a new product launched during COVID-19 when we weren't sure if event revenue was there
    • Managed content marketing and social media, increasing audience engagement by 40%.
    • Developed "TEC Labs" for community engagement and developer collaboration.
  • Galore


    Marketing Director

    Jul 2017 - May 2018

    Acquired by Care.com At Galore parents book thousands of kids activities, camps and classes from the best local businesses.

    • Marketplace revenue increased 12x during my tenure
    • Built and implemented successful affiliate and ambassador programs from scratch
    • Implemented playbook and workflow for efficient project management between dev, sales, and marketing teams.
    • Developed product strategy and customer avatars
    • Managed all email marketing efforts including writing twice-weekly newsletters and developing drip campaigns
  • Downtown Long Beach Alliance

    Downtown Long Beach Alliance

    Communications Manager

    Oct 2016 - Jul 2017

    The Downtown Long Beach Associates (DLBA) is a non-profit organization operating on behalf of the property owners and tenants of the Business Improvement.

    • Grew Email List 12x by adding lead magnet campaigns
    • Highly engaged social rate 33%
  • Sense


    Community Lead

    Jul 2015 - Nov 2016

    Sense was an early stage startup that was a p2p chatbot and cryptocurrency. I came on to grow community organically.

    • Led campaigns to increase the growth of community more than 100x.
    • Implemented viral marketing activations
    • Implemented a community playbook and community guidelines
    • Collaborated with the team on the launch of the app on each new messaging platform with multiple partnerships and big PR pushes.
  • Yelp


    Senior Community Manager

    Sep 2008 - Jun 2014

    Early Yelp Community team, implemented the first social accounts for Yelp community teams, great the original southenern California Yelp community from scratch.

    • Led the expansion of the Yelp community in California, later extending to nationwide growth.
    • Spearheaded the Yelp Elite program, significantly increasing community engagement and brand loyalty.
    • Boosted the Weekly Yelp newsletter subscribers from 15k to over 450k, amplifying the brand's reach.
    • Developed and executed innovative marketing partnerships, enhancing Yelp's local and national presence.
    • Organized and managed large-scale community events and gatherings, fostering a strong sense of community.
    • Collaborated with local businesses to create mutually beneficial marketing initiatives, increasing local brand visibility.

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