• Mark Hendriks profile image
    Mark Hendriks
    1. Product roadmapping
    2. User Research
    3. Go to Market strategy
    4. UI design
    5. Head of Design
    Product designer specializing in designing large-scale SaaS products
  • OSANDI SEKOÚ ROBINSON profile image
    1. Talent Retention
    2. A/B Testing
    3. Head of Design
    4. UX/UI
    5. Design Director
    Product & Design Leader. Ex: Apple, Square, a16z Crypto
  • John Gauch profile image
    John Gauch
    1. Fractional CRO
    2. User Research
    3. Leadership
    4. People Operations
    5. Go To Market
    Growth-focused fractional COO helping CEOs and founding teams build and scale their companies