Cory Erstling

Sales Leader, Strategic Advisor, Performance Coach

I've spent almost 20 years building and scaling teams at 0-100M+ startups. I've been through acquisitions, IPO’s, promotions, pivots and pandemics. I also work as a consultant, investor, strategic advisor and performance coach to top tech executives.

Cory Erstling


  • Impact

    (VP Enterprise Sales)

    Impact is the world’s leading partnership management platform, transforming the way businesses automate and optimize all types of technology partnerships-including influencers, podcasters, affiliates and social partners.

    • Responsible for scaling Impact's Enterprise GTM growth strategy-overseeing all sales, strategy, operations and execution for our largest business segment.
    • Managing and leading a team of 20+ enterprise sellers-focused on closing F500’s, strategic accounts and emerging brands in key focus verticals: Ecommerce, Retail, Financial, Travel, CPG, Fin/Health tech.
    • Tasked with diversifying product and revenue mix with focus on recent acquisition integrations- (Activate, Affluent, Trackonomics) to better position company for eventual exit / IPO
  • Invisible Technologies

    (VP of Sales)

    Invisible- “Operations-as-a-Service”- we help the largest AI and technology companies in the world to automate and operationalize high-value business processes, workflows and projects at scale. We combine the power of human touch with technology and automation to deliver world-class results. Invisible

    • Current Advisor to the company and VP Sales.
    • Tasked with building a repeatable GTM sales motion and operationalizing the business
    • I oversee all growth functions including marketing, sales, and revenue operations.
    • Top existing clients: Amazon, Walmart, OpenAI, Cohere, Perplexity, DoorDash, Uber.
    • Brief summary: We are a minimally capitalized company pacing toward 100M ARR. Due to recent successs in the AI space, I’m providing sales, revenue and operational guidance as an advisor and fractional leader
  • Strategic Advisor / Consultant / Investor

    Investor/Advisor in a longevity science company working to better understand the biomarkers that contribute to healthspan. 

    Advisor/Consultant for a telemedicine company focused on scaling neurological healthcare. 

    Advisor in a company that teaches the science of “Flow” and neuroscience. 

    Investor/Advisor to a nutritional/lifestyle startup focused on under-served/low access communities. 

    Investor for a metabolic health company that is marrying CGM with personal data to better understand glucose response. 

    I’m an advisor to several SaaS tech companies in the ad/martech space.

    Currently fractional VP Sales for Invisible Technologies (AI startup)


  • Invisible Technologies, Inc.

    Invisible Technologies, Inc.

    VP Sales

    May 2023 - Present

    Invisible- “Operations-as-a-Service”- we help the largest AI and technology companies in the world to automate and operationalize high-value business processes, workflows and projects at scale. We combine the power of human touch with technology and automation to deliver world-class results

    • VP Sales, Fractional Leader and Advisor. Building the GTM motion and playbook while defining repeatable sales motion. 0-50M+ revenue, 500+ organization.

    Vice President Enterprise Sales

    Jan 2022 - Jan 2024, the world’s leading partnership management platform, is transforming the way businesses manage and optimize all types of partnerships—including influencers, affiliates, podcasters, social channels, commerce content publishers and B2B partnerships.

    • Responsible for refining and reshaping the enterprise team to position for IPO. 75-125M+ business, 1,000+ organization globally.

    Head of Enterprise Sales

    Aug 2019 - Jan 2022

    The marketing cloud helps enterprise brands unlocks greater performance across social channels by combining creative, media and data into one platform-for all your social advertising needs across Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest and Tik Tok.

    • Responsible for building and scaling the enterprise sales team. 0-100M+ business, 500+ organization.
  • Applift


    Head of Sales, North America

    Jul 2016 - Jun 2019

    Applift is a next-generation mobile performance platform focused on delivering scalable in-app mobile solutions for agencies and enterprise brands.

    • Responsible for building and scaling North America sales. 10-75M+ revenue, 200+ person team prior to acquisition.
  • AdRoll


    Director of Enterprise Sales

    Aug 2013 - Jul 2016

    AdRoll is the largest growth-marketing platform, with over 10,000 active advertisers in the US and around the world. Powered by machine learning and more than a decade of data, the AdRoll Growth Marketing Platform serves as mission control – unifying all data, channels, and measurement.

    • First seller in NY, first enterprise sales leader at company, helped drive revenue from 0-100M+, 750+ organization

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