Derek Cheng

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Fractional CMO for B2B Startups

I've worked with many SaaS startups ranging from fintech, back office, adtech, etc. to build their brand, content, and web strategies. My last position was an eight-year stint at Tipalti, the AP automation and global payments company. I was employee 20-something and when I left, we were over 1,000 team members. It was also there where I managed the content marketing, web development, brand/design internal agency, PR/comms/social, community building, and project management efforts.

In April, I fou…

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Derek Cheng


  • Gen-F presents: Confident, Results-Driven Communication

    Gen-F presents: Confident, Results-Driven Communication

    • Event marketing
    • Content Marketing
    • Community Building

    I started Gen-F to grow and nuruture a community of finance professionals. This event included support from a professional speaking coach who I personally source. Without demand generation resources, I was still able to drive over 400 leads and had a 90% attendance rate. During the event, we maintained a 95% engagement with a mix of strong content and fun events (such as buzzword Bingo).
  • Tipalti Brand Motion Graphics Project

    Tipalti Brand Motion Graphics Project

    • Branding
    • Motion Graphics
    • Scriptwriting
    • Audio branding

    We needed to create a library of motion assets and determined that we could also use the effort to create a brand video. I led the project effort, including writing the script, directing audio branding, and consulting on the aesthetic with the Creative Director, animators, and company executives. This video would be used in ad campaigns and conference interstitials.

    This is also an extension of the rebranding effort I led a year before this project.


  • Tipalti



    Dec 2015 - Dec 2022

    Helping companies solve complex global accounts payable and supply chain payments by eliminating bank friction, reducing compliance risk, and enabling new business models

    • As the first marketing hire by the CMO, build the product marketing and messaging, scaled web operations, and created the brand and content internal agency

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