Doug McLean

  1. Engineering
  2. Product Strategy
  3. Sales
  4. Fundraising
  5. Executive Communications
  6. Hiring

Founded & IPO'd Katipult | 20 Years Experience Managing Development Teams

I'm the original CTO for Katipult (FUND.V). I helped the company grow from 3 to 50. I was instrumental in hiring the team, creating the technical sales team, assisting with funding rounds to go public and preparing the SOC II documentation.

I now work with a few companies where I take a hands on technology leadership role (CTO) to create high value teams. I'm experienced in covering the gaps that exist until it's time to hire onshore of offshore labour.

I currently split my time between my office …

  1. amazon aws
    amazon aws
  2. Node.js
  3. MySQL
  4. Azure Cloud Services
    Azure Cloud Services
  5. AWS ECS
Doug McLean


  • Katipult


    • Product Engineer
    • Product Strategy
    • Fundraising
    • Hiring
    • Compliance
    • Client Interviews

    Katipult sells software that private investment banks use to close deals when there are 100s of accredited investors on the deal.

    I learned the industry through interviews with their various stakeholders, and created a system that solved this problem for this niche industry.

    I was instrumental in the client interviews, engineering and acceptance from their regulatory and compliance teams.
    • amazon aws
      amazon aws
    • AWS Lambda
      AWS Lambda
    • PHP
    • Node.js
    • Laravel
    • AWS ECS
      AWS ECS
    • MySQL
  • Bluewave Ventures

    Bluewave Ventures

    • Sales
    • Executive Communications
    • Amazon Web Services (AWS)

    BlueWave is a merchant venture development company that sponsors, builds, and commercializes new technologies.

    We were able to acquire control of 3 softwares built for the commercial real estate industry; we converted these softwares into value for our clients while creating an exit for the original owners.
    • Azure Cloud Services
      Azure Cloud Services
    • .NET


  • Bluewave Ventures

    Bluewave Ventures

    CTO, Managing Director

    Apr 2021 - Present

    BlueWave is a merchant venture development company that sponsors, builds, and commercializes new technologies.

    • Acquired Commercial Real Estate software and found appropriate buyer.
  • Stylelabs


    VP Technology & Innovation

    Sep 2010 - Present

    Was instrumental in the company creating their own Content Management system in 2010. I took a 10 year break from the company, and have returned to help them with their next growth phase in a consulting role.

    • Prodigal Developer comes back as Strategist
  • University of Calgary

    University of Calgary

    Masters of Science, Mathematics

    Sep 2008 - Jul 2010

    Thesis program on Non-linear Differential Equations + some high level cryptography classes.

    • Masterful Logician who loves to think

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