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Founder, builder & scaler: I've helped 6 startups generate successful exists

I'm a founder, builder and scaler. I've worked with companies ranging from VC-backed startups to the Fortune 10. I've helped 6 startups to successful exits. Startups are my happy place.

As a P&L owner, I understand how to align teams across Goals / Strategies / Operations / Tactics to deliver revenue and profit.

I'm a strong leader who values building and up-skilling teams. But I came up as an operator, so I enjoy getting my hands dirty as a player / coach.

I'm currently working in corporate…

  1. Eloqua
  2. Google Analytics
    Google Analytics
  3. WordPress
  4. Google Ads
    Google Ads
  5. Salesforce
Ethan Hays


  • Plus Company: creating a performance marketing function for a global holding company

    Plus Company: creating a performance marketing function for a global holding company

    • Mergers & Acquisitions
    • Deal Flow
    • Due dilgence
    • Integration
    • Governance
    • Go-To-Market Strategies & Implementation

    I led the M&A function to locate, qualify, acquire and integrate performance marketing agencies into Plus Company, completing 2 acquisitions in 3 years.

    Plus Company holds ~30 marketing agencies worldwide. Performance marketing became a priority for the network, as it delivers outcomes (e.g. qualified sales leads) that can be directly tied to client revenue.

    I led the M&A prospecting, owned the commercial due diligence team & process, and sold the deals internally to our Board and Private Equity owners.

    After closing, I was responsible for company integration into the larger org, and building a go-to-market strategies for revenue expansion.
    • Google Cloud Platform
      Google Cloud Platform
    • Asana
    • Zoho CRM
      Zoho CRM
    • Salesforce
  • PathIQ: building a performance marketing agency from a cold start

    PathIQ: building a performance marketing agency from a cold start

    • Branding
    • Founding Team
    • Team Building
    • Revenue Leader
    • Revenue Operations
    • Head of Strategy
    • Product Strategy
    • Governance
    • Data Strategy
    • Compliance
    • Conversion Rate Optimization
    • Growth

    I founded PathIQ, a performance marketing agency, for Plus Company, a global holding company.

    PathIQ delivered cost-per-results campaigns (CPL, CPA, CPI) for clients in financial services, insurance, and medical devices.

    I led recruiting, onboarding and managing a 100% remote, globally distributed team of marketing experts (8 FTE, 47 freelancers).

    We built the martech stack & operations to enable massive scaling via automation and outsourcing, generating hundreds of thousands of qualified sales leads per month.

    We scaled revenue to high 7 figures / low 8 figures in year 1 and 2 respectively.

    I also led the team to build our product: conversion rate optimization software, a global network of SEO-optimized media properties, AI content engine and 1st party data warehouse.

    • Asana
    • Google Cloud
      Google Cloud
    • Google Analytics
      Google Analytics
    • Google Ads
      Google Ads
    • Facebook Ads
      Facebook Ads
    • Unbounce
    • WordPress
    • Google Workspace
      Google Workspace
  • ArborCrowd: building a SaaS Fintech startup from a cold start

    ArborCrowd: building a SaaS Fintech startup from a cold start

    • Branding
    • Product Management
    • Marketing Technology
    • Conversion Rate Optimization
    • Content strategy
    • CRM Marketing & Lead Generation
    • Marketing Automation
    • Email Marketing
    • Search Marketing
    • SEO
    • SEM
    • Business Intelligence

    I was employee #3, brought in to build the technology infrastructure, systems, and teams necessary for this SaaS Fintech company to scale, while growing revenue.

    Grew investment by 708% to over $38MM of capital committed in the first 24 months. Grew investor base by 6X.

    The core of my work was planning, building and optimizing SaaS lead generation, nurture and conversion across the buyer lifecycle to drive new investments in multi-family housing initiatives.

    I was also responsible for marketing operations, replatforming the company onto Account Based Marketing (ABM) marketing technology.
    • Google Analytics
      Google Analytics
    • Google Ads
      Google Ads
    • Google Optimize
      Google Optimize
    • WordPress
    • Salesforce
    • Zoho CRM
      Zoho CRM
    • Eloqua
    • Hotjar
  • Healthline: building a startup to fight the 800 pound gorilla

    Healthline: building a startup to fight the 800 pound gorilla

    • Search Marketing
    • Analytics
    • Product Management

    I helped scale their startup in a market dominated by huge players (WebMD). My responsibilities were building traffic, delivering revenue, and proving impact.

    I led the search practice, where I scaled SEO traffic from 25K/month to over 3M by integrating SEO into the Product & ENGR groups.

    I built our SEM team & practice, managing a $3.5M budget profitably.

    I was also the first ad trafficker for Healthline Networks.

    I was also the web analytics lead for & Healthline Networks, an ad network reaching over 200M UVs/month.
    • Google Analytics
      Google Analytics
    • Google Doubleclick for Publishers
      Google Doubleclick for Publishers
    • Google Ads
      Google Ads
    • IBM Coremetrics


  • Plus Company

    Plus Company


    Jan 2019 - Present

    Plus Company is a global holding company for marketing agencies. Plus has an aggressive market position, having acquired 4 marketing agencies in the last 5 years.

    • Performance marketing M&A lead: pipeline, qualification, due diligence, integration
    • 2020 acquired AIM, a global leader in affiliate marketing
    • 2022 acquired 55 Rush, a global leader in performance marketing
  • PathIQ



    Jun 2020 - Jul 2023

    PathIQ is a performance marketing agency, specializing lead generation on a cost-per-lead, cost-per-action basis. Primary industries include financial services, insurance and medical devices.

    • Hit 7-figure ARR in year 1
    • Recruiting, onboarding and managing a 100% remote, globally distributed team of marketing experts.
    • Delivered hundreds of thousands of qualified leads per month
  • Gyro


    Head of Performance Marketing

    Jan 2012 - Mar 2016

    Leading B2B marketing agency.

    • Spearheaded all performance marketing work
    • Responsible for defining & building digital products and marketing campaigns that deliver ROI
    • But the Project Management function, managing 26 creatives building over $35M of digital products annually
  • Spinmedia Group, Inc.

    Spinmedia Group, Inc.

    SEO Product Manager

    Jul 2011 - Jun 2012

    spinmedia group is a digital-first media company connecting a vast network of entertainment and music fans to the content, celebrities and brands they love. we’re the passionate fans behind some of the web’s most loved sites and we harness our collective pop culture obsession to create authentic connections through online content, social and mobile platforms, events and integrated marketing programs. through iconic brands such as spin, vibe, celebuzz, buzznet, the frisky, idolator, death and taxes, and stereogum, spinmedia group provides brands with authentic and credible connections to fans by feeding pop culture obsessions.

    • SEO platform engineering
    • SEO training for network content creators
  • Uptake Networks

    Uptake Networks

    Director of Revenue

    Feb 2011 - Aug 2011

    Uptake was a VC-backed superaffiliate in the Travel space, the 4th largest travel information website in the world at the time.

    • Led all SEO work
    • Conversion rate optimization to increase AOV
    • Programmatic SEO content strategy
    • Recovery from Panda Update, setting up sale of company to Groupon
  • Lq Digital

    Lq Digital

    Director of SEO

    Aug 2010 - Jan 2011

    as consumers become increasingly mobile and connected, every business is turning to digital channels to acquire new customers more effectively and efficiently. of the $83 billion spent on digital this year, google and facebook account for 60 cents of every dollar. the result? massive investment, overabundant data and rising expectations for better results. here's the problem. the lead process is wasteful. for every 6% in conversion success, 94% goes nowhere. ads on the wrong channel, messaging that doesn't land, and potential leads that lack consistent follow-up—if any at all. even if you get your funnel performing, everyone knows that not all customers are created equal. it's tough to land new customers, but even harder to find the right ones—the profitable ones. lq digital is a customer acquisition company with a simple goal: to help you win more profitable customers digitally. #1 fastest growing internet company nationwide (deloitte fast 500) #1 fastest growing private internet comp

    • Led SEO-focused client engagements for companies including ZipRealty and Bettern Homes & Gardens
    • Doubled average SEO contract value
  • Stone Temple Consulting

    Stone Temple Consulting

    Principal SEO Engineer

    Oct 2009 - Aug 2010

    perficient digital acquired stone temple consulting in 2018. our digital agency is purpose built to help companies who believe customer experience is the defining strategic imperative of our day. we dream big, build beautiful, measure confidently, and optimize obsessively. end-to-end is just the beginning. originally founded as a small consultancy in 1997 by eric enge – a top seo practitioner and co-author of the book the art of seo – stone temple consulting has since expanded into an award winning, full-service digital marketing agency providing a broad range of white hat seo and digital marketing services. stone temple has been honored as: > best large seo agency 2016 (us search awards) > an inc. 5000 fastest growing privately-owned company in the us > search personality of the year (founder & ceo eric enge - us search awards) > male search marketer of the year (founder & ceo eric enge - landy awards) content marketing – stc’s content marketing services have an admirable track record

    • Led SEO focused client engagements with brands including Proctor & Gamble and United Healthcare
  • Healthline


    Senior Product Manager

    Apr 2006 - Nov 2009 is a leading health and medical information website. Healthline Networks was the largest health-specific advertising network in the world at the time I worked there.

    • Built the SEO function into the Product and ENGR pipeline
    • Built the SEM function to drive traffic and revenue
    • Led web analytics for and Healthline Networks
  • Quinstreet


    Business Development

    Mar 2003 - Apr 2005

    QuinStreet is one of the largest and most successful online performance marketing companies in the world

    • Hired to build distribution by recruiting, managing & growing online affiliates
    • Search engine marketing, SEM, SEO
    • Conversion rate optimization of offer pages to increase ROI
    • Brought in $2.9M in revenue in year 1, and $6.8M in year 2, managing 6 of the 10 largest affiliates in the network

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