John Falcone

  1. Design
  2. User Research
  3. Product Management
  4. Branding

I'm a Product Designer that helps startups research, build, and perfect their foundational user experiences.

Hi - I’m John! Most recently, I led design for an early-stage B2B SaaS startup (joined as the First Designer @ MVP stage, scaled product through Seed - Series A). Before that, I designed product experiences for Oracle.

I'm a good fit for your team if you're looking to...

  • Improve, refine, or polish your existing product or MVP
  • Design, test, and build net-new features or workflows
  • Turn your back-of-napkin product concept into a fully interactive, clickable product demo (useful if you want to raise cap…
  1. Figma
  2. Heap
  3. Amplitude
  4. Notion
  5. Adobe Creative Cloud
    Adobe Creative Cloud
John Falcone


  • Buying Indicator Redesign

    Buying Indicator Redesign

    • Product design
    • User Research
    • Product Management

    Defining the structure of CloseFactor’s most strategic user-facing insight and completely redesigning two of the platform’s most critical workflows to reduce onboarding friction and support key use cases.
    • Figma
    • Heap
    • Amplitude
    • Notion
  • CloseFactor Design System

    CloseFactor Design System

    • Product design
    • User Research
    • Product Management

    Designing, building, and implementing CloseFactor's first Design System to improve the platform's user experience, bring visually competitive interfaces to the market, and increase the product team's productivity and output velocity.
    • Figma
    • Notion


  • CloseFactor


    Product Design Lead

    Sep 2021 - May 2023

    CloseFactor is the world’s first go-to-market operating system for revenue teams. CloseFactor offers significant value to revenue (Sales and Marketing) teams by automating some of the most time-consuming and grueling parts of the outbound sales process - identifying your Target Accounts, forming the right message based on the right Sales Play for each of those Accounts, and then identifying who at each of those Accounts would be the very best people to help guide you to a closed-won deal.

    • As CloseFactor’s first design hire (employee #6), I contributed to the design of every aspect of the product, owning design for all of the platform’s core workflows and key features and creating the CloseFactor Design System.
    • I was directly involved in the research, design, development, launch, and iteration of multiple new products.
    • I spent a significant amount of my weekly time learning about my users via qualitative and quantitative research - conducting 1:1 interviews with key personas and analyzing in-platform engagement data to monitor user trends and feature efficacy.
    • I helped drive the following KPI growth: • DAU and MAU → 114% (>2x) and 169% (>2.5x) growth • Engagement (User Sessions per Month) → 201% (3x) growth • Retention (% of Users retained after first 30d) → 23% growth
  • Oracle


    UX Designer, Global Business Units

    Feb 2021 - Sep 2021

    • As part of the Global Business Unit (GBU) Design Team, I helped lead product redesign and feature expansion initiatives for legacy portfolio products across multiple GBUs, with a deeper focus on the Hospitality and Communications GBUs.
    • I worked closely with Product Managers and UX Researchers, forming an understanding of each product’s key personas and designing both net new and revised solutions for key product workflows.
    • I also worked with the Design Ops and Engineering teams to successfully see approved designs through development and into production.
    • For users, I delivered tangible usability and quality-of-life improvements - using automation to reduce workflow durations by orders of magnitude (from days to minutes in multiple cases) and migrating multiple UIs to Oracle’s new Redwood Design System.
  • Oracle


    UX Designer, Cloud Engineering

    Jul 2019 - Feb 2021

    • As part of the Cloud Engineering Tier 1 Key Accounts team, I designed and prototyped fully-custom enterprise-tier applications for IT, Marketing, and Business Ops stakeholders at some of Oracle’s largest accounts.
    • I worked with account leadership to define the customer’s goals, after which I would follow an iterative design process and deliver an interactive proof-of-concept to the customer, with the end goal of securing buy-in to develop a custom application.
  • PNC


    UX Designer

    Jun 2018 - Aug 2018

    • Redesigned the Digital Cashflow Journey product for the Business Banking division.
  • J. Walter Thompson NYC

    J. Walter Thompson NYC

    UX Designer

    Jun 2017 - Aug 2017

    • Designed the Pillow Talk product in collaboration with Ense NYC.

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