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Growth, business, and tech startup guy. I have previously worked as a startup founder, growth executive, investor, and consultant. Please get in touch if you want to chat or work on something together! I also run a pretty popular website about the prefab and modular housing industry. Growth Skills: - Strategy and planning - led growth strategy, planning, and analysis for a number of organizations with multiple examples of 10x growth or significant reduction in CPA - Paid advertising and user acq…

Michael Frank


  • NFX: growth expert to the fund

    NFX: growth expert to the fund

    • Lead demand gen activities responsible for a significant portion of visitors a the firm becoming one of the most popular and well -know VC fund
    • Advised portfolio founders and GPs on all things growth marketing strategy and excution
  • Bubble: interim head of growth

    Bubble: interim head of growth

    Led and supported all growth and marketing activities during a multi-year period of hyper growth for the company, including

    • paid marketing
    • seo
    • marketing automation
    • special projects
    • hiring, team building, and internal upskilling and mentorship
    • inside sales
  • Pathrise How to Get a Job Section [SEO project]

    • Note that this is one succesful project that was executed during a multiyear period as interim head of growth
    • Company grew all relevant metrics including revenue 100x+ during that period
    • In this example project, specced out seo property that generated millions of cumulative of organic visitors


  • Credible Labs Inc.

    Credible Labs Inc.

    Head of Growth

    Jan 2014 - Jan 2016

    We are a marketplace where users can compare personalized, prequalified rates and quotes from multiple lenders and carriers, for student loans, mortgages, personal loans and insurance. We combine the intelligence, expertise, and confidence of a financial advisor with the approachability and honesty of a friend. In other words, we’re the friend you always wish you had in finance. We are optimistic, challengers, trustworthy, clever, and smart. We are open and transparent. We strive to act as advisors by being friendly, objective, and open in our communication. We use language that is intelligent yet approachable. When appropriate, we’ll drop in a bit of wit to position ourselves as a fresh, reliable voice in the financial world. We’re challenging the status quo by giving power to the consumer. We believe in a world where ‘ethical’, ‘lending’, and ‘insurance’ can coexist, so we set out to build innovative platforms that actually work for customers. Our mission is to help people find the best loan or insurance policy possible. We believe researching and buying loans or insurance shouldn’t be confusing or complex, so we’ve focused on simplicity. We’ve created the only unbiased loan and insurance buying process out there, which makes finding options straightforward and clear. Insurance-related services are provided through Young Alfred Inc. (CA: Young Alfred Insurance Agency, Lic. # 0M90597). All loan and mortgage-related services are provided through Credible Operations, Inc., NMLS # 1681276. www.nmlsconsumeraccess.org. Not available in all states.

    • Built scaled and managed the growth team which also encompassed both the marketing and business development teams
    • Company scaled all relevant metrics at least 50x
    • In charge of all marketing and growth strategy and leadership (including SEO and content marketing, paid advertising, strategic partnerships, growth hacks, etc.)
    • Oversaw all business team hiring (15+ hires across marketing, business development, operations, design etc)
    • Upon departure, continued to support Credible as an advisor and consultant on strategic and tactical growth, hiring, and strategy up through the IPO
    • Credible IPO'd less than 4 years after I joined
  • NetService Ventures Group

    NetService Ventures Group

    Associate / E.I.R.

    Jan 2011 - Jan 2013

    Our firm operates within the digital media space, including digital advertising, content, and distribution technologies that are remaking the way consumers interact with their digital lives. We do strategic consulting and early stage investing within this sector.

    • Responsible for leading a variety of projects for Sand Hill Road venture capital fund of funds and consultancy
    • Led strategic projects related to M&A, innovation, business development, and generally better understanding the startup landscape with many large corporations and L.P.s (Sony, Canon, Opt, Mixi, Toyota, etc.)
    • Sat on advisory board of portfolio fund, Bullpen Capital, where I also contributed to due diligence, analysis, and a variety of other supporting tasks
  • L.E.K. Consulting

    L.E.K. Consulting


    Jan 2008 - Jan 2009

    L.E.K. Consulting is a global management consulting firm that uses deep industry expertise and rigorous analysis to help business leaders achieve practical results with real impact. We are uncompromising in our approach to helping clients consistently make better decisions, deliver improved business performance and create greater shareholder returns. The firm advises and supports global companies that are leaders in their industries — including the largest private and public sector organizations, private equity firms and emerging entrepreneurial businesses. Founded in 1983, L.E.K. employs more than 1,600 professionals across the Americas, Asia-Pacific and Europe. We have deep expertise and a proven track record in a broad range of industries: • Business Services • Consumer Products • Education • Energy & Environment • Financial Services • Healthcare Services • Industrials • Life Sciences & Pharma • Media & Entertainment • MedTech • Private Equity • Retail • Technology • Travel & Transport

    • Did management consulting things (lots of strategic analysis and frameworks and lots of powerpoint and excel) for clients working with the firm's private equity, life science and retail practices

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