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Seasoned Marketing Leader with proven results in spearheading change and improvement for growing B2B technology organizations through the strategy, vision, and execution of marketing and C-suite initiatives. Record of success in building and coaching top-performing teams by driving cultural improvements and supporting employee growth. History of redefining brands through high-impact, ROI-driven digital and other marketing strategies that deliver tangible results in brand visibility, product mark…

Regan Wynne



  • Triyam


    Fractional CMO - Advisor

    Jun 2023 - Present

    Triyam is a leading provider of technology solutions in Healthcare. Triyam delivers expert solutions for EMR/EHR data management. Triyam’s data conversion services help hospitals and clinics to freely migrate from one EHR vendor to another without losing any historical patient data. We help hospitals and clinics archive patient data from legacy EHRs. This helps them shut down legacy systems and save money while meeting state mandated retention requirements. Triyam has a team of dedicated professionals with decades of experience in Healthcare IT. They understand the healthcare market’s compliance requirements and unique needs of each customer, delivering products and custom solutions with innovative ideas.

    • Providing strategic direction and guidance for outsourced marketing team and US based vendors.
  • M2IS

    Fractional CMO

    Sep 2022 - Present

    M2 Information Systems, Inc. is the publisher of MicroBloggingMD, a secure messaging and clinical alerting technology designed to facilitate and improve team-based medicine. Clinical data is viewed and shared across the enterprise using the secure microblog in combination with messaging. We are committed to improving care and reducing cost through early detection of symptoms of hospital acquired conditions. Alerts can be sent to specific care team members or to the entire group. Secure conversation are viewed by all participants invited into the threaded dialogue. Patient name, location, change in patient status, etc are included in the automated process thus reducing initial texting time while improving accuracy of the message. Groups allow sharing of patient information between providers. Individual and group patient list round out the application providing access to MicroBloggingMD from desktops, tablets and Smart phones.

    • Built the GTM and launched Iris Family Messaging, the first clinical communication tool focused on family members and their influence on patient care
  • Wynne Marketing

    Wynne Marketing

    Principal & Fractional Chief Marketing Officer

    Sep 2009 - Present

    Strategic B2B Marketing leadership and advising for startups, scale-ups, and non-profits. Working with clients from various industries, including: • Healthcare IT • Maritime Shipping • Mixed Reality

    • Currently working with ABS Wavesight, M2IS, and more.

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