Thierry Delprat

CTO, Technical Architect, Software Craftsman, 3x CTO / Founder / First engineer, Grew 2 software companies until their acquisition

I have a proven track record in bootstrapping and leading engineering activities within a startup.

My expertise includes:

- Leading technical strategy and designing pragmatic software architecture

- Building and growing the engineering team (including remote/distributed)

- Establishing processes to support and enforce the SDLC.

- Collaborating with the Product team and the leadership to identify the MVP and set key milestones.

When it makes sense, I am happy to be super hands-on and directly contribute to the code, the infrastructure or the deployment automation.

Open to Fractional CTO work and more globally any technical / architecture advisory for startups.

Thierry Delprat


  • Nuxeo

    As the founding Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Nuxeo for 16 years, I orchestrated the company's evolution from a nascent startup in Paris to a robust entity culminating in a successful US acquisition.

    Here are key highlights from my journey:

    - Collaborated closely with the CEO to reboot Nuxeo: pivoting both our technological approach and business model.

    - Spearheaded the full re-architecture and redevelopment of our platform

    - Expanded the technical team's footprint across Europe, nurturing a diverse and dynamic engineering culture.

    - Relocated to the US to bolster Nuxeo's growth trajectory, establishing a dedicated technical division in the US.

    - Pioneered the transition to a Cloud-First approach, completing the execution of the full SaaS approach.

    - Conceptualized and launched Nuxeo's Artificial Intelligence offering

    The Nuxeo Platform has consistently been celebrated for its:

    - Scalability, capacity to handling evolving and growing workload demands.

    - Extensibility and pluggability, ensuring seamless integration and flexibility.

    - Cloud readiness, ensuring safe and cost efficient hosting.

    The Nuxeo technical team reached around 50 engineers in France, Portugal, UK, Japan and US.

    Nuxeo was acquired by Hyland in 2021.
  • Prolaio

    I joined Prolaio as the first engineer to build a Software as a Medical Device (SaMD) platform, tailored to enhance care for patients with heart disease by delivering crucial insights. 

    - Hire and structure the Core Engineering team

    - Design and architect the Cloud Platform (Data Pipeline / AI / Research)

    - Implement the software and the automated deployment

    - Manage Security and Compliance automatic checks

    After raising Series A, we acquired a bigger company and joining teams and technologies
  • Unilog H2H

    H2H was an internal startup effort from Unilog to acquire knowledge and build a service offer centered on collaboration tools.

    I joined H2H as the 2nd employee and CTO.

    During the 3 years business plan we achieved the following milestones:

    - Create and Grow an engineering team of 10+

    - Build the technical offering : Software selection, Engineering skills, Methodologies

    - Meet the Sales and Client acquisition goals

    Since H2H was a success, the team was "swallowed" by the bigger group: resources and knowledge were dispatched in the Unilog group.

    Unilog was then acquired by Logica and then CGI.


  • Prolaio


    Head of Engineering

    Sep 2022 - Present

    Joined Prolaio as the first engineer and built the Cloud Platform and the Engineering Team to support a Software as Medical Device.

    • Design the cloud platform and deploy a first pilot in a clinical trial after 2 months.
  • Stellar Health

    Stellar Health

    Staff Engineer / Platform Architect

    Feb 2022 - Aug 2022

    Joined the company as their first Staff Engineer / Platform architect and started initiating the work to make the platform more scalable and more secure.

    • Spearheaded the transition to a Cloud First architecture
  • Hyland


    Nuxeo CTO

    Apr 2021 - Feb 2022

    Transition the Nuxeo's engineering team into the Hyland organization and define convergence for Nuxeo Platform into Hyland's products portfolio.

    • Worked jointly with CTOs of Hyland and Alfresco
  • Nuxeo


    CTO / Founder

    May 2005 - Apr 2021

    Joined the company at early stage and drove the technology strategy and the engineering team. After rebooting the company by changing the business model and doing a complete re-platforming, I lead the engineering work to keep the platform ahead of the competition in terms of architecture, modularity and scalability. We progressively transitioned to a Cloud First approach and a pure SaaS Model. I lead the integration of AI/ML (Custom Models) into the Nuxeo Platform.

    • Build a team of 45+ highly skilled engineers across US/FR/PT
    • Nuxeo Platform was always recognized as the best architecture in ECM solutions
    • Helped develop the company in the US and reach acquisition
  • Unilog H2H

    Unilog H2H

    CTO / Founder

    Dec 2001 - May 2005

    I started the H2H Journey with just the CEO and a 3 years business plan. I progressively built an engineering team and a technical solutions to compose a service offering for Unilog customers interested in improving collaboration.

    • Build the first Opensource skills center for Unilog
    • Succesfully execute the business plan so the startup is merged into the group
  • CryoNetworks


    Architect / Senior developer

    Jun 2001 - Dec 2001

    Integrate SCOL Technology and VM for Linux and Firefox.

    • Participate in re-platforming discussions to shape the future of the technology
    • Bring new technology approaches (Scol Web Page generation engine)
  • Unilog IT Services

    Unilog IT Services

    IT Consultant / Junior developer

    Apr 1998 - May 2001

    Worked for multiple implementation projects for Bank, Insurance and the Airspace industry.

    • Became expert on the MS technologies of the moment (ActiveX, COM/DCOM)

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