• Steve Cooke profile image
    Steve Cooke
    1. Information Security
    2. Server Architecture
    3. IT Infrastructure Management
    4. Business Continuity Planning
    5. Microsoft Exchange
    Information Technology Leader
  • Kristen Sager profile image
    Kristen Sager
    1. Marketing Budget Management
    2. Customer Research
    3. Sales Enablement
    4. Brand Awareness and Brand Strategy
    5. Data Analytics
    Innovative, adaptable, and versatile award-winning technology growth CMO in web/app/ecommerce space
  • Mark Wunsch profile image
    Mark Wunsch
    1. Fractional CTO
    2. Organizational Development
    3. Change Management
    4. User Experience
    5. Agile Methodologies
    Technology executive with over 15 years experience galvanizing teams through digital and cultural change