• Hazel Quimpo profile image
    Hazel Quimpo
    1. Leadership
    2. Fractional CMO
    3. Project Management
    4. Automation
    5. Marketing
    Optimizing content teams with AI, automations and ChatGPT for Marketing.
  • Rizala Carrington profile image
    Rizala Carrington
    1. Fractional Growth
    2. Fractional Marketing Director
    3. Fractional CMO
    4. Marketing
    5. Conversion Rate Optimization
    Full-stack Fractional CMO, CGO and CRO expert
  • Smriti Sharma profile image
    Smriti Sharma
    1. Go-To-Market Strategies & Implementation
    2. Product Marketing
    3. Mobile Marketing
    4. Email Marketing
    5. Marketing Technology
    Product & lifecycle marketing leader with over a decade of experience in building and scaling effective marketing programs from the ground up at startups and successful tech companies.