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  • Alicia Gauthier profile image
    Alicia Gauthier
    1. Recruiting
    2. Management
    3. Sales
    4. Marketing
    5. Talent Acquisition
    Creative Recruiting Leader | Squarespace, Coinbase, Yuga Labs
  • Jenny Fauteck profile image
    Jenny Fauteck
    1. Recruitment Marketing
    2. Mentoring
    3. Performance Management
    4. Training
    5. Process Mapping
    Senior Recruiter | SHRM Certified
  • Latasha Smith-Edwards profile image
    Latasha Smith-Edwards
    1. High Volume Recruiting
    2. Proficient in Various Applicant Tracking Systems
    3. College Recruiting
    4. Resume Writing
    5. Job Fairs
    Talent Acquisition Leader/Recruitment Consultant & Job Search Educator