John Gauch

  1. Design
  2. People Operations
  3. Go To Market
  4. Sales
  5. Hiring
  6. Strategy

Growth-focused fractional COO helping CEOs and founding teams build and scale their companies

I've spent my career building start-ups. Starting out as a tech attorney, in New York City, I held progressive roles in business development, finance, sales, marketing and product, developing capabilities as both a business designer and manager. I bring lean thinking and a systematic approach to propel a business forward. I have helped build one high-impact start-up to nearly $100M in revenue and a second to exceed that benchmark. l've worked with and for top companies--like Axiom, IBM, Microsof…

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John Gauch


  • Synervoz


    • People Operations
    • Go To Market
    • Customer success
    • Monthly Financial Reporting
    • Sales
    • Hiring
    • Strategy
    • Business Development
    • Business Processes
    • Legal Management
    • Financial Management

    Currently serving as fractional COO.


  • Somersault Innovation

    Somersault Innovation

    Sales Performance & Design Thinking Coach

    Mar 2023 - Present

    • Teach sales teams how to apply Design Thinking—the creative problem-solving methodology used to innovate and grow new businesses—to sales.
  • High Alpha Innovation

    High Alpha Innovation

    Growth Advisor

    Jan 2022 - Present

    • Member of diverse community of forward-thinking advisors who passionately support the building and scaling of early-stage BtoB SaaS startups.
  • Business Designer and Manager | Fractional COO

    Business Designer and Manager | Fractional COO

    Chief Operating Officer (fractional)

    Nov 2019 - Present

    Filling a gap in a fractional role, I use a flexible and structured, hands-on approach to help Chief Executive Officers and founding teams create and grow businesses.

    • Collaborate on customer and product and take on all of part of recruiting and HR (people ops), operations, finance and legal management.
    • Recommend and put in place the right mix of systems, SaaS applications, and talent to keep operations running smoothly.
  • Techstars



    May 2019 - Present

    • Advise new ventures via Physical Health - Fort Worth, Toronto, and Melbourne accelerators.

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