Matt Spangler

Advisor and former CMO at Compass

Executive and entrepreneur, Matt has over 20 years experience building and leading teams. From 2014-2022 he led all brand and marketing at Compass (COMP) from less than 50 employees to the #1 independent real estate company in America with over $6B in revenue in 2022. He was the first marketing hire and built every aspect of the brand including hand-picking all creative and marketing leadership that lead a national in-house service group with over 400 team members across 40+ US cities. His empha…

Matt Spangler


  • Compass demand gen sales funnel site

    Starting in 2020 I recruited and built a dedicated demand gen team that was focused on partnering with our strategic growth org to improve CAC, lower time-to-close and drive many other key metrics. After hiring the team we onboarded a marketing automation platform, built integrations with our Salesforce infrastructure and launched this site to serve as the hub of information for prospective Compass agents. In the year since it's launch it has become the center of many GTM efforts to prospective agents. Every aspect from the elevated visuals to the simple straightforward messaging communicates the power of the Compass offering and was done by the in-house team.
  • Compass brand book

    In my 8 years at Compass I was proud that our team redefined the level of art direction created by a real estate company & built the definitive brand in the industry.
  • Compass sign of the future

    What other industry in the world allows people to put an outdoor ad in the front yard of the people's homes? The real estate yard sign has been around for decades and for agents it remains one of the most powerful brand and advertising vehicles. But no one had rethought the sign itself for decades. In 2017 I came up with the idea to reinvent the real estate sign and oversaw a 1 year process with our in-house team, and external partner Aruliden, to invent, manufacture and sell out a run of 500 beta signs to Compass agents. The modular system had embedded blue tooth technology, rechargeable batteries and motions sensors that activated a built in LED light so the sign could be seen at night and controlled by the Compass app. While considered a success by some based on its sales interest and attention, the sign program was an experiment and eventually shut down in 2019 so the company could focus on other technology priorities.
  • Portfolio

    For more detail into my past projects I've created a custom portfolio site that shows project highlights from my past work experiences. It's a personal experiment using a sales pitch platform to hack the idea of a personal website and a multimedia resume. It includes videos, presentations, public speaking examples and artistic projects that live outside of the normal resume format. For each project I've added either written or video context to give you the strategy behind the work.


  • Foyer



    Feb 2023 - Present

    Start your path towards homeownership today with Foyer.

  • Overmoon



    Sep 2022 - Present

    A trusted network of reliably awesome vacation rentals focused on serving families.

  • Compass



    Oct 2014 - Oct 2022

    Our mission is to help everyone find their place in the world.

  • Tribeca Enterprises

    Tribeca Enterprises

    Executive Vice President, Content and Marketing

    Jan 2012 - Jan 2014

    Discover your #Tribeca2021.

  • thehappycorp global

    thehappycorp global


    Apr 2004 - Apr 2009

    Our name is thehappycorp global, but you can call us thehappycorp. We closed our doors in 2009 but when we were alive we were focused on improving gross national happiness by helping the people behind brands and ideas that make the world a better place. We were an interdisciplinary creative company, that excelled at delivering digital design solutions and we offered a wide range of services connected to product, experience, and influencer marketing.

  • Comedy Central

    Comedy Central

    Interactive Producer

    Mar 1999 - Jan 2001

    The industry leader in laughter.

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