Matt Spangler

Fractional CMO

Advisor and former CMO at Compass

Executive and entrepreneur, Matt has over 20 years experience building and leading teams that deliver business impact. For the last 8 years he led all brand and marketing at Compass (COMP) from less than 50 employees to the #1 independent real estate company in America with over $6B in revenue in 2022. He was the first marketing hire and built every aspect of the brand including hand-picking all creative and marketing leadership and building a national in-house service group with over 400 team members across 40+ US cities. His emphasis was on building technology solutions that scale marketing ROI which resulted in the creation of Marketing Center, the flagship software platform in the Compass agent productivity suite. In 2022 it was responsible for fulfilling over 2 million marketing “orders”, facilitating the customization and automation of digital, video and print marketing for over 25,000 agents.

Compass followed his 3 years as the EVP of Content & Marketing at Tribeca Film where Matt oversaw all design, marketing and digital product development across a portfolio of business units. He was responsible for conceiving of and launching a new division, Tribeca Studios, that developed and distributed long-form brand entertainment properties. Its first documentary feature, We Could Be King, was funded by Dick's Sporting Goods, premiered on ESPN and won the Outstanding Sports Documentary at the Sports Emmy Awards in 2015. Matt began his entrepreneurial journey as a partner at thehappycorp global design studio where he led client work for Apple, MoMA, InBev, and Foursquare precursor Dodgeball. He started his career as a nimble digital producer/designer/coder on the team bringing shows like South Park, and the original Daily Show, to life on the web. 

Today, he provides advisory services for business and startup leaders, under the Winston Wolf brand, with a focus on brand design, marketing leadership, product innovation, roadmap planning and team building. 2023 clients include Overmoon, Foyer, Counterpart, Tradewind, and Coaching at Compass.

Matt Spangler
It's interesting. I think CMO role today has the requirement for so many different skillsets, but as I look back at my experience, it's a combination of things that have led me to have success and CMO role. One, I think foundationally is just having what I would call Hollywood level storytelling capabilities, and that's across every brand and communication touchpoint, so you think about how the brand has to communicate, especially today with, so many channels. Being able to do that effectively across films, videos, websites, advertising and events is something I've really been able to utilize and learn those skills across my past experience. Two I would say the idea of brand beyond a logo and a color palette. The founders I've talked to and other executives when they say brand, they think literally that's a logo and a color palette, and we're good to go, but it really is about building a design system to completely power the business. There is a player management, right? The ability to design organizations, recruit talent. Players like working with each other and building that kind of capability inside that organization. So recruiting the best. And the last two, I'd say one is the deeper sense of service and support for sales and the partnership there. And then the fact that your product is your marketing. And I have a lot of experience building custom scalability tools for borne from customer pain points, but also helping influence the product roadmap.


  • Compass brand book

    Compass brand book

    • Branding
    • Real Estate
    • Design
    • Art Direction
    • Creative Direction
    • Marketing
    • Content Marketing

    In my 8 years at Compass I was proud that our team redefined the level of art direction created by a real estate company & built the definitive brand in the industry.
  • Compass: Sign of the Future

    Compass: Sign of the Future

    • Product
    • Innovation
    • Industrial Design
    • Branding

    What other industry in the world allows people to put a billboard in the front yard of their customer's homes? The yard sign has been around for decades and is one of the most powerful brand and advertising vehicles for real estate agents. But no one had rethought the sign itself for decades. In 2017 I came up with the idea to reinvent the real estate sign and 1 year later my in-house team invented, manufactured, launched and sold out a run of 500 test signs to Compass agents. The modular system had embedded blue tooth technology, rechargeable batteries, motions sensors that activated a built in LED light so the sign could be seen at night and controlled by the Compass app. While a success based on its sales, interest and attention, the sign program was seen as an experiment and eventually shut down in 2019 so the company could focus on other technology priorities.
  • Portfolio "Journey"

    Portfolio "Journey"

    • Marketing
    • Branding
    • Content Marketing
    • Roadmap Planning
    • Team Building
    • Coaching

    Instead of putting all of my projects on the GoFractional site, I've created a custom portfolio "journey" that details some project highlights from my past work experiences. It also includes videos of public speaking and artistic projects that live outside of the normal resume format. I encourage you to click over for a behind-the-scenes look at past projects.


  • Foyer



    Feb 2023 - Present

    Start your path towards homeownership today with Foyer.

  • Compass



    Oct 2014 - Oct 2022

    Our mission is to help everyone find their place in the world.

  • Tribeca Enterprises

    Tribeca Enterprises

    Executive Vice President, Content and Marketing

    Jan 2012 - Jan 2014

    Discover your #Tribeca2021.

  • thehappycorp global

    thehappycorp global


    Apr 2004 - Apr 2009

    Our name is thehappycorp global, but you can call us thehappycorp. We closed our doors in 2009 but when we were alive we were focused on improving gross national happiness by helping the people behind brands and ideas that make the world a better place. We were an interdisciplinary creative company, that excelled at delivering digital design solutions and we offered a wide range of services connected to product, experience, and influencer marketing.

  • Comedy Central

    Comedy Central

    Interactive Producer

    Mar 1999 - Jan 2001

    The industry leader in laughter.

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