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With over a decade of experience in marketing across diverse industries, I specialize in delivering personalized solutions that empower businesses to thrive. As the founder of Kit Friday Consulting, my mission is to define, implement, and tailor marketing strategies that align with each SMB client's unique needs.

Pinnacle Achievements:

✨ Engineered a remarkable 200% surge in organic LinkedIn engagement within one year.

✨ Masterminded a Black Friday blitz that shattered revenue targets by an impress…

Kit Friday


  • Kit Friday Consulting

    Kit Friday Consulting

    Founder/Chief Marketer

    Apr 2013 - Present

    Kit Friday Consulting was created as an alternative to impersonal marketing firms selling one-size-fits-all options and strategies. These services are often costly and weighed down with services your business might not require. Your marketing needs are uniquely yours, and we work with our clients to define, implement, and tailor goals to help them thrive. We believe in clear communication, a data-driven methodology, and a personalized approach. We work with B2B, B2C, B2G, and non-profit clients. Industries our clients come from include tech, sustainability, arts, travel, SaaS services, restaurants, hospitality, healthcare, and government services.

  • System Automation Corporation

    System Automation Corporation

    Digital Marketing Manager

    Mar 2021 - Jun 2023

    Located in Columbia, Maryland, System Automation Corporation (SA) is one of the nation’s leading providers of regulatory management software and services to government and private-sector organizations. SA exists to automate regulatory compliance and deliver a great customer experience. We believe that empowering our clients to address regulatory challenges is an important part of protecting the general public and making the world a better place. As one of the most seasoned information technology solution providers for state government licensing systems, we are proud to serve over 450+ professions, 4,500+ license types and 19 million licensees nationwide. We provide our clients with state-of-the-art COTS systems that are user-friendly, cost effective and improve public safety.

    • A Saas B2G organization specializing in software solutions for State and local governments that previously had no marketing organization or direction. I built their marketing department and communications strategy from the ground up.
    • Optimized website content for SEO, resulting in a 150% increase in organic search traffic
    • Launched successful webinar campaigns that attendance increased by 50% per webinar and qualified leads
    • Implemented innovative unpaid social media campaigns that increased followers by 100% in ten months
    • Developed and executed successful email marketing campaigns that increased open rates by 46%
    • Developed and implemented an automated marketing analytics dashboard that provided real-time insights into marketing performance
    • Analyzed customer data to identify key trends and inform marketing initiatives
    • Led cross-functional teams to successfully launch new products and services
    • Collaborated with thought leaders and clients to develop impactful case studies and testimonials, resulting in increased social media, web traffic, and leads


    Digital Marketing Manager

    May 2019 - Mar 2020

    The combined capabilities of AVATA + Kalypso + Rockwell are enabling the digital thread that helps businesses transform how they discover, create, make and sell products with Oracle Cloud technology.Innovation has always been hard work. And since the introduction of digital technologies such as IoT, machine learning and artificial intelligence, innovation has been disrupted - both in the way innovation happens and the innovations that are brought to market.However, with disruption comes opportunity. At the core the challenge is still the same: to develop products that improve people's lives and deliver business results - but now with a growing set of capabilities to discover, create and make better products with digital.We provide a comprehensive set of services to help clients apply digital across the innovation value chain.

    • A Saas B2B Oracle partner providing consultation, implementation, and managed services that had no previous digital marketing role. I developed the digital marketing strategy and efforts.
    • Managed the company’s social media accounts, resulting in a 200% increase in followers in under a year
    • Planned and organized a large-scale event with over 250 attendees
    • Created content calendars and managed content schedules to ensure timely delivery of content
    • Analyzed website analytics to identify key trends and develop strategies to improve customer engagement
    • Developed and monitored dashboards to track KPIs and report on progress
  • GenZe by Mahindra

    GenZe by Mahindra

    Marketing Communications Specialist

    Apr 2016 - Oct 2019

    Our electric bikes and scooters provide transportation everyone can enjoy, irrespective of age, health or fitness. They can travel in bike lanes, fit through narrow spaces that cars cannot, and give you the freedom to take you places you hadn't thought possible. Finding parking is easy and often in the front row. Our smart phone app and connected telematics system allows you to monitor your e-scooter's performance, disable it remotely from anywhere if it's stolen, and GPS locate it immediately. Security solved. While our products are at a much lower price point than other EVs, we have financing options available to accommodate every budget. You can own an EV for as little as $1 a day, and not have to own a house or live near a charging station to juice up. LEADING THE PERSONAL TRANSPORTATION REVOLUTION: The clean transportation movement is advancing like never before, empowering the future of how we get around. And our vision for the future extends far beyond our consumer products. We believe that corporate campuses can optimize their employee’s personal transportation experience within the campus and the “seven mile island” around it. Our patented transportable solar charging stations help businesses provide employees free and completely off-the-grid sustainable recharging. We have also invested heavily in large-scale e-bike and e-scooter share programs. At about the same cost as public transportation, these personal transportation programs offer riders unmatched access, convenience, and speed – so everyone can quickly get where they’re going with no compromises. Hundreds of our e-scooters are currently deployed in San Francisco through our partnership with Scoot Networks, reshaping the transit habits of one of the most progressive and creative cities in the world. Future citywide programs will integrate both the e-bikes and e-scooters, allowing for multi-modal transportation options for every type of trip and ride experience.

    • Provided a full range of messaging and general marketing for a Silicon Valley startup manufacturing and delivering next-gen, sustainable transportation for a better world in the B2B, B2C, and B2G spaces.
    • Developed and managed a national marketing campaign that increased sales by 400%
    • Developed and implemented a crisis communications plan that minimized the impact of a negative publicity incident
    • Successfully coordinated various large-scale events, including CES, with thousands of attendees, resulting in positive customer feedback and extensive press coverage
    • Developed and maintained relationships with influencers and media contacts, leading to increased brand exposure
    • Strategically managed event staff, including recruiting, training, and scheduling
    • Managed a team of 10 people, including sales, customer service, and engineering team members, to ensure timely completion of projects
    • Directed photo shoots and video shoots, ensuring that all elements were in line with the desired visual aesthetic
    • Managed and grew the company’s social media accounts

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